Wednesday, June 27, 2012

6/27/2012 AAARGH

Welp as usual my morning started off nice and early, my husband woke me saying it's 7am, i was like what I must of slept throught my alarm, i look at the clock and it was only 10 till 6.  Thanks Jim... lol then Chris text me saying he would be late because he fell back asleep so instead of 7 he would be there at 7:15 am.  So I took my good ol time and mosied (sp) around the house.  I ran a few minutes late myself because I couldn't get my blue tooth to work, but figured that was okay, Chris would have to wait on me for once. 

I added extra weight on my bike today, 25 lbs to be exact so that one it would slow me down a bit so that Chris could keep up with me, and two I don't have a choice but to add weight because here soon it will be 50lbs might as well start getting used to it now.

I arrived at the trail at about 7:21 am figured Chris would be there ready and waiting, wrong answer he still wasn't there.  Glad I took my time, so I sat on the bench by the restrooms and waited for him.  We were on the trails by 7:30 a.m. apparantly today was the day they decided to work on all the niles trails doing finishing touches and adding more road, so it was a very slow start and alot of detouring.

With the extra added weight and me only breaking 9mph, Chris still struggled to keep up with me and at one point he totally gave up and just did his own pace.  He said I must be getting stronger.. BAHAHAHA I doubt that, I have let my mileage slack so bad because I hate riding long rides like that by myself and I have had noone to ride with for quite some time, everyone thinks I am nuts and don't want to go.  But guess that's besides the point.  All this riding and slacking is just making me more nervous for this trip.  I Don't know why I keep second guessing myself, I never did that with running, I just kept pushing myself, wanting more and more, but with biking I don't know what my problem is.  Guess I am just loosing ambition or something.  Maybe it was the doubt my husbad had when I first started this venture. He just didn't think I could do it. I don't know, I know I can because I am crazy like that as most people say, but lately I just don't know.

We only went to Kirk Rd, had my lunch of almond butter and jelly on spelt bread and headed back home.  I always enjoy the ride home, it's so fast because it's mostly down hill.  I just went, I rode fast and hard and realized that probably wasn't a good idea because Chris was way way back there.

 No Chris, I have been waiting for ever
 Still No Chris Time to turn around and go see where he is at
 This is my mileage on my journey to find him
oh look there he is

so I found him and here is the miles now mind you I am riding to him and he is riding towards me so if you double that he was about a 1/4 of a mile behind me or better because remember I stopped for a bit before I went to go venture out for him. 


 so as you can see he was well over a half mile or better behind me this round once you double it... my oh my

Well that's pretty much how the latter of the trip went, just stopping at every stop sign and waiting.  So none the I was not exactly thrilled.

We decided once we got to Salts Springs that we were just going to head straigh down I believe it's Main because there was just entirely to much trail work going on today in Niles to take the trails. So We did some Road riding for a while and finally made it back to the Niles Trail Head. 

So Rode here took a break for a minute then from here I have 2.6 miles to go home. Which totally stunk because I needed a restroom facility badly. Lol and the Niles trailhead one isn't open yet, so that made for a long ride home.  Every bump was horrible and then the incline going home just made it worse because i was only topping out at 7mp.. aaargh but I finally made it home.  Total miles was nearly 25 today.  Not to happy because I really do need to kick it back up to where I as otherwise I am not going to succeed at this trip... So frusterated, but what cha going to do? My average was 10mph with my 25lbs.. not good but not bad.

I just hope I don't hold Ashley back on this trip because she is a billion time faster!


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