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June 17th, 2012 OH What a Training Ride It Was!

This post is not for the weak, or people who do not like TMI! Don't say I didn't warn you!

Today I awoke at 5:40 am to get ready for today's journey towards Ashtabula.  I laid in bed for a brief second as my legs were so tired from riding 13 more miles then I was used to yesterday, but after going to bed early I felt refreshed.  I laid comfy in my bed for a few more minutes as I intently tried listening for rain drops.  I of course heard nothing. Chris and I agreed yesterday, since there was a 40% Chance of rain, that we would not ride if it was raining when we woke.  Not that I am weak or to much of a priss to ride in the rain, because by far I am not.  It was just why be wet and miserable when we could just wait it out for a while and get our miles in when it's dry. Anyways, I jumped in the shower to get warm because it was an icebox in my house this morning which made me run a bit behind.  I had not planned on having to do that this morning. After I ran around the house like a chicken with my head cut off, quickly grabbing everything, I texted Chris real quick to make sure he was still going after all he did stand me up last week and I didn't want to go through that whole mess of loading and unloading everything again.  Everything was good to go, so I hugged my husband good bye and gave my baby boy a hug and kiss on the cheek while he lay asleep on the couch. 

I arrived at TCTC which is where you can park, and then catch the trail about a mile down.  It was cool and brisk out and it definately looked like rain, but  I got all my things out and loaded up the bike and then Chris and I headed out towards Ashtabula. Glad I grabbed my windbreaker again because it sure was a bit breezy.  Everything seemed to be going smoothly, the trail was nice and flat, nothing at all like riding on the Niles and Mill creek trails.  Chris said they weren't flat that they seemed to be going down hill, but I tended to disagree because to me we would of been riding faster then 9mph.

When I got to a little over 7 miles into the trip, Tyler called and said that I needed to turn around because his eye was really swollen and they were going to the hospital. Jim assured me that everything was okay and that he could handle taking him and would call me as soon as he knew something. I knew right there that this bike trip was off to a start a spiraling downward events, because that is just how it works in my life lately. So

 There was alot of wild life, bunnies, chipmunks, squirrels, birds, ect. and of course geese.  about 6 miles from Orwell we had a bit of a goose stand off as you can see below.  My heart was pounding, all I could think about was last time, and them chasing us.. but this time there was more. I didn't think it would turn out well. 

After awhile Chris came up with the idea to quack like a duck and they started moving, so as soon as there was a break I was gone like the wind.. No way no how was I even remotely going to get chased by no goose again. Well yeah Chris almost got chased. but hey not my fault he should of took off when I did. After the goose stand off we came to a litter of bunnies munching on some clover, another set of bikers scared them off, but I did manage to catch a picture of one of them and right down a bit was a cat stalking them getting ready to make cat stew.

 Cute Bunny

Bad Kitty

Right about 10 miles Chris started complaining about his dairy aire and how it hurt and he needed a new seat, he was riding slower and slower then the bike he was riding started clicking not shifting gears right it just wasn't going well.  So about 2 miles before we got to Orwell I switched bikes with him to see if that helped.  It was a long two miles, I rode hard and fast but I wasn't used to riding such a low bike and he was right, it wasn't riding that way.  I took out my tools at the stop and tried tightening the gears. It helped a bit, but the clicking sounded horrible.  Man at this rate we would be lucky to make it to Orwell.  We did...  we drove down off to a little store right off the trail.  Grabbed a soda and a snack then went to the register to pay only to see a line of thunderstorms were heading our way.  Chris and I both new right then we were turning around, between the bike and now possibly the rain. Those two things were not going to be a good mixture.  I got outside and called my husband to check on Tyler.  He was fine, the doctors gave him some prednisone and something else and it took the swelling down alot.  He said he was doing much better. ( Thank God, I was nervous) after relaxing a bit I pulled out my tools and we sat and adjusted the bike to get all the gears to work so that we could make it home hopefully. 

We headed back towards home.  I stopped to take a picture of the sky. Definately looked like we were possibly going to run into some rain.

The ride home was honestly pure torture after about 7 miles in, my legs hurt so bad and I was becoming more drained by the minute.  Maybe it was the lack of proper nutrients or maybe the fact I rode so much yesterday.  I wasn't quite sure, but the more I rode the more it hurt and not just my legs, my rear end felt like it was getting more raw by the minute.  ( I definately need a new seat)  It felt good to stand up, but you can't ride a bike that way atleast not for that many miles.  Jim called he was like are you okay, its thundering and lightening, I will come get you guys, I was like no it's not doing anything here, I said maybe by the time we get that close it will be gone.  He made me make sure to call if it did rain... Chris was super stoked, yeah have him pick us up at rt 307.. lol I knew chris wanted out of this trip, secretly so did I.  But I ignored what Chris said and told my husband that I would call if we got caught in the storm.

The wind started picking up a bit, and there was just a slight incline in the trail which just made everything that much harder.  Being physically drained, a sore dairy aire, and now the weather seemed to not be cooperating as nicely as I had wanted it to.  Yes a breeze feels good, but when it's going against you it's just not so nice.  Right about 10 miles we were at a blazing speed of 7 mph because every stroke of the pedal made the rubbing worse, I just wanted to stop... Lol I know how the heck am I going to do 330 miles right... lol  alot of A&D ointment and Icy Hot! 
surely is not the speed I was going yesterday. lol

Anyways I had to pee right around 10 miles and of course there was no port a pot anywhere, right.. Go figure.. So the journey continues.... mile after mile after mile.  about 3 miles from our car I found one and I use it and of course someone else decided to join somewhere after Orwell.  Yep Great Aunt Flow!  I could not believe this.. Seriously? I was not prepared at all!  Wouldn't ya know.. So I ran out of the bathroom and hopped back on the bike and we put the pedal to the medal because this was not good and trust me it was not good.  So we pick up the speed to about 10- 11mph which is way good with the wind picking up by the minute and being as sore and raw as I was and the bike trouble we were having.  so about a mile and a half from the car it starts raining, and now I am really freaking out.. NO protection and rain this is going to be a catastrophe.  the wind picks up even more, the rain is just coming down and I am screaming, the rain pinging of my skin feels like little hail balls hitting me.  It's painful, I am pedaling as fast as we can but can't reach bearly 8 mph because the wind is fighting against us pushing us back.  and we are going downhill which i would normally atleast be hitting 16mph or better on the grade of a hill.  I mean this was pure torture.  Rain, Aunt flow, Wind. oh and did i mention for about a half mile as rain is pinging off my skin that we thought we turned down the wrong road?  Yeah oh my gosh I was screaming.. I wanted out of this so bad.. but none the least We got out of it and everything loaded and headed home.  But I did learn, some kind of rain gear is essential on our big trip or you pull over and get some shelter.. Riding in the rain HURTS!  don't advise anyone to do that... 

Welp that's my story for today.. I have enclosed some pics as always so scroll down and enjoy.  total miles was 35 something... 

 yeah above pic there was a circle in the corn field.. I said mmm UFO landed there.. lol jk

 Yeah riding in the rain don't advise anyone to do it!

wow check out that mop..

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