Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 22, 2012 Kaylee and Tab's mini ride

I decided with the breeze and the cooler evening, how pleasant it would be to take a little stroll on the bike with Kaylee. I enjoy our mother daughter bike rides, those are our moments of bonding and talking privately without worrying about everything else in life. No matter how old our children get they still need that one on one time.

Kaylee was reluctant to go at first, her bike was down and out and the only good bikes left our mine and Jim's and mind you Jim's is only a 7 speed.  Kaylee kept saying I will only go with you if you let me ride your bike.  Well, I said well Kaylee I guess I will just go by myself.  She was like okay mom way to put a guilt trip on me, and she got ready and we headed off.

We were only a half mile into the trip and she was not happy, I knew it's because she wanted to ride my bike and I knew she would be miserable until she got to.  Kids.. anyways I switched bikes with her on 46 and she was elated, she rode up and down the hills with ease as I taught her how to use the gears.  Right before we got to the Niles trailhead we seen a beaver cross the road and go up the sidewalk.  I couldn't believe that. Never in my life have I seen a beaver go across a busy street and up into some brush.  But guess there is a first time for everything.

We only went to the bridge on the trail and turned around because the sun was setting fast and I didn't want to chance either of us getting hit, especially having to ride on the road the last 2 1/2 miles.
When we got up to Marcs we went behind the building that way we avoid much of the hill and it's not as hard as a ride, but none the least going down the hill Jim's bike chain came off.  Never ever a dull moment in my biking adventures, so we of course had to stop and get it back on. We made it home safely and right before dark.  My legs of course were killing me, as I will agree with Kaylee a 7 speed vs a 21 speed is a big difference.  Hope I am not to sore for tomorrow, because right now my legs are burning.

Total evening miles a whopping 6.96, phew!

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