Sunday, June 10, 2012

June 10, 2012 bike training ride

5:30 a.m. came all to early this morning.  I so wanted to keep sleeping, but I knew it was time to crawl out of bed because I only had 45 minutes to get everything together before I had to leave for today's bike adventure, not to mention I couldn't afford to sleep in it was going to be blistering hot today. My theory is the earlier you get started the better! I got the bike rack out, lunch packed, water bladders out of the freezer and th bike put on the rack and locked up and everything loaded in the car.
I woke my family and gave them hugs and kisses before I headed out toward champion, because you never know if something is going to happen.  I grabbed my cell and called Chris as I told him I would and of course he answers the phone and by the emptiness in the back ground I knew he was still at home and then that's when he told me he was unable to go on the trails today he wasn't feeling well.  I was furious,  why couldn't he have sent me a text or called me over an hour ago? I could of slept in a bit. Although my temper was fuming inside, I just said OK and hung up and then turned around because there was no way i was going on that trail by myself, I didn't know it well enough.  So when I got home I unloaded everything to get ready to head back out towards Canfield. I came back into the house to let my husband know the change of plans and then proceeded to head off. Well I decided while I was still in the driveway to go ahead and adjust my gears to easy as that i how I always start off to get warmed up, well when I did that my chain came off my bike. I was like really?   Boy this is not a good day at all now is it... but i tried to look at it as God was delaying me this morning because he was trying to protect me from something treacherous. so I got the chain back on and then had to come back in the house to get all the grease off my hands.. and then I finally headed off  for the second time this morning, i got about 500 ft from the end of my drive and realized my spedometer wasn't working either? You got to be freaking kidding me, so I turned around and sat  at the end of my driveway trying to realign the computer with the chip so it would work.  Finally it was exactly 7am and everything was in working condition. I could finally begin my bike trip, hopefully without any more issues.  I decided to take the road all the way to the other part of the bike trail because there was no way i was going to deal with those crazy geese by myself.. I really hate road riding though, i have a fear that someone is going to be texting and driving or not paying attention and hit me... but sometimes you just got to suck it up! my morning commute was good except i got startled by a bird.  Then came the last few miles of my first half, I decided I would bike on the back roads to Haus's cider mill and figured it would be something different to do and I could take my break there and check out there store.. yeah well I pedaled some pretty nice inclines and was not to happy when it was 80 degrees and no shade and I had to pee really bad but that's okay because soon i would be there and could eat and relax.  I finally found the place for what seemed to be the longest mile and half in history and guess what it didn't open until noon and guess what time it was 9am.. lol no I wasn't waiting.. i took out my half of almond butter sandwich hopped back on my bike and headed back to the trail, i had 10 miles to go to get to the bathroom which meant i had to hold it another hour in bike terms... lol   Yeah I know I am a slow rider... so anyways i stepped up my pace quite a bit, i made it there in about 40 minutes, however i was a little scared when i got there because when i was looking down at the floor it was moving... i was becoming a slight bit delirious for a minute there... i nearly passed out.. but after a few seconds and some ice cold water i was ok and managed to make the rest of my trip home..about 4 miles from home there this tree and the branches are overgrown and are drooping over the sidewalk i ride on and I always duck so that I don't get tree slapped as I am going by, but today when i went to duck, i did to far and cracked my face off the handlebars... yeah it wasn't so nice!  I didn't quite make 40 miles today i was about a half mile off but my behind is sore and feels to be raw.. gotta figure something out before that 330 mile bike trip or I'm going to be in serious trouble.

Thought for the day- take time to appreciate and truly take in what's around you! God gave us so much and sometimes we are so caught up in our own world that we forget the beauty in everything around us.

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