Wednesday, June 27, 2012

6/27/2012 AAARGH

Welp as usual my morning started off nice and early, my husband woke me saying it's 7am, i was like what I must of slept throught my alarm, i look at the clock and it was only 10 till 6.  Thanks Jim... lol then Chris text me saying he would be late because he fell back asleep so instead of 7 he would be there at 7:15 am.  So I took my good ol time and mosied (sp) around the house.  I ran a few minutes late myself because I couldn't get my blue tooth to work, but figured that was okay, Chris would have to wait on me for once. 

I added extra weight on my bike today, 25 lbs to be exact so that one it would slow me down a bit so that Chris could keep up with me, and two I don't have a choice but to add weight because here soon it will be 50lbs might as well start getting used to it now.

I arrived at the trail at about 7:21 am figured Chris would be there ready and waiting, wrong answer he still wasn't there.  Glad I took my time, so I sat on the bench by the restrooms and waited for him.  We were on the trails by 7:30 a.m. apparantly today was the day they decided to work on all the niles trails doing finishing touches and adding more road, so it was a very slow start and alot of detouring.

With the extra added weight and me only breaking 9mph, Chris still struggled to keep up with me and at one point he totally gave up and just did his own pace.  He said I must be getting stronger.. BAHAHAHA I doubt that, I have let my mileage slack so bad because I hate riding long rides like that by myself and I have had noone to ride with for quite some time, everyone thinks I am nuts and don't want to go.  But guess that's besides the point.  All this riding and slacking is just making me more nervous for this trip.  I Don't know why I keep second guessing myself, I never did that with running, I just kept pushing myself, wanting more and more, but with biking I don't know what my problem is.  Guess I am just loosing ambition or something.  Maybe it was the doubt my husbad had when I first started this venture. He just didn't think I could do it. I don't know, I know I can because I am crazy like that as most people say, but lately I just don't know.

We only went to Kirk Rd, had my lunch of almond butter and jelly on spelt bread and headed back home.  I always enjoy the ride home, it's so fast because it's mostly down hill.  I just went, I rode fast and hard and realized that probably wasn't a good idea because Chris was way way back there.

 No Chris, I have been waiting for ever
 Still No Chris Time to turn around and go see where he is at
 This is my mileage on my journey to find him
oh look there he is

so I found him and here is the miles now mind you I am riding to him and he is riding towards me so if you double that he was about a 1/4 of a mile behind me or better because remember I stopped for a bit before I went to go venture out for him. 


 so as you can see he was well over a half mile or better behind me this round once you double it... my oh my

Well that's pretty much how the latter of the trip went, just stopping at every stop sign and waiting.  So none the I was not exactly thrilled.

We decided once we got to Salts Springs that we were just going to head straigh down I believe it's Main because there was just entirely to much trail work going on today in Niles to take the trails. So We did some Road riding for a while and finally made it back to the Niles Trail Head. 

So Rode here took a break for a minute then from here I have 2.6 miles to go home. Which totally stunk because I needed a restroom facility badly. Lol and the Niles trailhead one isn't open yet, so that made for a long ride home.  Every bump was horrible and then the incline going home just made it worse because i was only topping out at 7mp.. aaargh but I finally made it home.  Total miles was nearly 25 today.  Not to happy because I really do need to kick it back up to where I as otherwise I am not going to succeed at this trip... So frusterated, but what cha going to do? My average was 10mph with my 25lbs.. not good but not bad.

I just hope I don't hold Ashley back on this trip because she is a billion time faster!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

6/26/2012 Good morning

Woke up this morning and got a text that Chris once again would not be able to bike with me this morning as he had planned yesterday.  So since he wasnt going I decided I would venture off to my mom's again.  I decided I like to ride on the road better even though there is traffic and its scary, I think the wild life on the trails scares me a little more being by myself.  Riding on the trails I feel more confined and a bit wigged out like the boogeyman is going to come out and get me.  Lol anyways I made it to moms in about 36 minutes, not to shabby.  I sat and visited with her for about 40 minutes and then gave hugs and kisses and ventured back out!

 That's my mom, she's standing up weird because she's proud of all the weight shes lost so she is showing it off. 
This would be her dog Peanut that freaking attacks me (not literally) but this dog is an attention moocher..

 After I left mom's house I decided that I was going to head to the trail I seen by her house the other day and so I did, I didn't make it very far on to the Warren Bikeway when there before me was a beautiful deer grazing in the tall grass.  I stopped my bike quietly and grabbed my camera, I snapped like 5 pictures as i tried to inch closer and closer and then her little baby comes out and i am trying to figure out why i can't zoom in, so none the least she caught me let out this weird noise and they were off back into the woods.  Here are a couple pics but you really have to look to see her. I wasn't close enough.
 if you click on the pic it will get bigger, and you can vaguely see her on the right side of the trail.
 Here I caught a pic as she was jumping through the grass with her baby leaving because she seen me.
off to the woods they went!

I ventured down the trail a bit more and it made a curve, well as I was coming around the corner on the trail there before me were 3 wild turkeys, scared the crap out of me, I tried to get a picture of them but couldn't get my camera out and ready fast enough.. but they crossed the trail.. why did the turkeys cross the road? Because it was the chickens day off.. ( as Tyler would say) GO FIGURE! I told you trail riding really scares me, when I am by myself. The wild life just comes out of no where.  Thank Goodness I haven't seen no bear.  lol I finished off the trail and turned around to do the other part of it.   Seen there was a nice trail head a bit down. With acutal bathrooms 

From there I rode until the trail ended and then just took back streets.  I ended up in Warren on South St. I took that to 169 and found another trail that led to Burton St.  and then I got back on 169 and up to Valacamp.  Had to walk that incline. The grade was horrid.  THen i took more back roads and then headed back home, because of course riding alone gets boring after a while and had no one else I could visit so early in the morning. But none the least I ateast got some miles in a whole whopping 17.19 miles.  I may venture back out later.  We shall see. Hope you all have a good day!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

6/24/2012 Rescue

My legs were killing me last night from riding Jim's bike two days ago, don't think I will ever ride his bike again.  None the least my adventure was to head to my mom's today and then I wasn't sure.  My alarm went off at 6 a.m. as usual, I was extremely exhausted, I just didn't want to move.  I grabbed my phone and texted mom that I was just going to sleep in and would head out when I woke up.

I woke back up at almost 7, I still wanted to stay in bed, but I knew I better just get up and get moving. I hurry up rushed around called mom to let her know I was on my way and then headed off on my adventure. 

It was nice to be able to ride at my own pace for once.  I didn't ride to hard, just what was comfortable for me considering my legs were still hurting pretty bad.  I didn't take the time to sight see a whole lot because of course my whole trip this time out was road riding, and I definately needed to pay attention.  I did however see where they are going to put the bike trail on North Rd that really excited me, because it means more options for me when I ride and I am just not stuck in one place.  I did alot of thinking again while I was on this trip. I thought about how bad my legs hurt now from minimal miles, I can't imagine what life is going to be like with all the weight on our bike riding 50 miles a day.  I also thought about America and it's growing problem of obesity with all the processed garbage we shove in our mouths.  I thought that if we all took the time to just ride a bike that not only would we be able to help to decline the obesity rates, that we would be eco friendly and gas prices would drop.  I know I need to quit going on with this fairy tale dream that I got life figured out and I am not going to solve America's problems.  But I guess there is nothing wrong with trying to think.

I made it to my mom's in 37 minutes and some change, which isn't to shabby I guess for a comfortable 7.3 mile ride.  So my average was almost 12 mph. Not to shabby! I got to my mom's and we sat outside for a bit.  I noticed the dog across the street was all tangled up and looked like it was about to hang itself if it moved.  So my mom was like just go over he's a friendly dog and untangle him.  Yeah well no that is not going to happen, because big dogs scare the tar out of me. Guess that all goes back to when my little brother got bit by a doberman when he was little.  So my mom gets off the porch and goes over to do it herself, but because the dog was so tangled mom needed help untangling the chain. She said I could use some help here, so i walked over and just before I got there the dog growled and nipped her.  Didn't draw blood or anything and she is ok because she let him go quickly.  So we go back and talk some more on the porch and there is this little tiny puppy that looks horrid.. He's all scraggly, matted, and very homely looking.  I felt bad for him.  Mom said the people moved out over a week ago and just left the puppy there.  I mean how cruel are people, it's just ignorant. If you buy a pet, that's your family, take care of it. How on earth can people be so cruel.  The breaking point for me, was this little puppy goes over to the door where his owner lives and hes scratching on the door and yipping.. That broke my heart.  My mom grabbed some food and water and we went over to him.  he was nervous, but he came over and drank some water and snubbed the food.  He was nothing but a bag of bones, his hair was so matted, he was infested with fleas, and he looked up at me with his little sad brown eyes.  At that moment my heart melted and I became even more angry at those people. I took a picture and sent it to my husband, he knows i don't like seeing animals abused. Look I rescued ki last year and found her a good home.  But this puppy, i knew he was not going no where, my son would love him.  I called my husband and he said ok, and he would come get us in an hour.  Mom and I took the puppy back to her place and gave it a flea bath, this precious puppy was so, so, matted and caked with dirt. But he lay there and let us bathe him, blow dry him, and brush him.. He has almost no hair on his rear end, the matts were so bad we had to cut them off of him.  I just can't describe how bad this puppy was.  None the least he is home with us and doing just well.  So of course my bike ride today was only 7.3 miles, but to save a puppys life, that was more important.  He's just a bag of bones..

Now he is full of smiles!  We call him "Lucky"

Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 23, 2012 Second Guessing

When my alarm went off at 6 a.m. this morning, I lay there extremely groggy and wanting nothing more then to stay in bed.  I didn't get to bed until nearly 12 last night and my body just completely drained, I have no idea why,but none the least it took everything I had to get up out of bed and I mean everything.  I texted Chris to make sure he was still going, because if he wasn't then I really was just going to crawl back in bed and sleep for a few more hours. He texted back, so no sleep, time to move.

I got everything ready and then headed for the garage door opener to get my bike out.  Epic fail the garage wouldn't open, tried the other opener it wasn't opening.  Really, it's going to be one of those days?  I knew I should of brought my bike in the house last night like I usually do. Finally I grabbed the third remote which controls my side, and it never works, well this time it did.

Got my bike, packed it up and then headed out.  Chris was actually there on time, amazing.  Maybe this day was actually going to turn around and run smooth. We headed out on the Niles trail we weren't even a tenth of the mile in ( something with the whole tenth thing lately) and I had to put my brakes on, because there before me crossing the path was a beautiful deer.  Thank God I wasn't going any faster, or i didn't leave 30 seconds earlier because me and that deer probably would of collided.  Scared me to pieces, but they are truly beautiful creatures. 

We got to the next stop sign and Chris said he didn't know how far he could go his leg was still bothering him from when his kids threw him in the pool.  ( Great, sarcastically thinking) But we chucked on at a record speed of 7 mph and this was just not looking good, at this rate we were going we would be done with 40 miles in about 6 hours.  (arrrgh) but I kept silent and continued to ride, after all I was atleast getting some miles in.  However I started second guessing everything about our big trip coming up.  Chris has bearly trained, and without proper training the chances of making it through 330 miles with a loaded down bike, the chances are well, highly unlikely. In the event that he still attempts it, then what's going to happen?  The past few times riding we have been lucky to top 8mph because either his rear hurts, now a knee issue? With a loaded down bike he would be lucky to top 5mph which would take us 10 hours to do 50 miles.  I just kept thinking, wondering how is this going to work? I mean honestly riding two days in a row I am sore and I have more miles under my belt and I just don't know. I am really, super concerned at this point.  I just don't know.

Anyways, when we made it to the tunnel, which is about a 1/4 of a mile past Webb Rd, there was a runner heading towards us through the tunnel.  As the runner past us, Chris decided to let one rip and of course being in the tunnel it amplified. I was like really? I was wondering what that poor runner thought.  Hope he didn't think it was me. 

We only made it to I believe Silica or one more street past and had to turn around because he was hurting so bad.  On the way back I decided I was going to ride a bit faster and just wait for him at each stop sign, at one point i was better then a mile a head of him. Then that's when it hit, I should just turn around after I reach that point and head back towards him so that I could keep my mileage up there.  None the least I did that for a while to try and bring my average back up to 10 mph but then that got old. 

We finally made it back to the  Niles trail head and you could see the look of relief on his face.  I just headed back to my house and called it a day for now.  I wanted to get 40 miles in but only managed 20.95, maybe I will go back out later or just wait till tomorrows adventure.  I am going solo as Chris once again will not be training tomorrow.  So think I will go visit my mom who dang near lives in Champion.  I have got to figure out a way to make up some of these miles, or I myself will not be ready for this trip.  I really got alot of things to figure out and consider at this point in the game, with only 3 weeks left to train, I am scared.

June 22, 2012 Kaylee and Tab's mini ride

I decided with the breeze and the cooler evening, how pleasant it would be to take a little stroll on the bike with Kaylee. I enjoy our mother daughter bike rides, those are our moments of bonding and talking privately without worrying about everything else in life. No matter how old our children get they still need that one on one time.

Kaylee was reluctant to go at first, her bike was down and out and the only good bikes left our mine and Jim's and mind you Jim's is only a 7 speed.  Kaylee kept saying I will only go with you if you let me ride your bike.  Well, I said well Kaylee I guess I will just go by myself.  She was like okay mom way to put a guilt trip on me, and she got ready and we headed off.

We were only a half mile into the trip and she was not happy, I knew it's because she wanted to ride my bike and I knew she would be miserable until she got to.  Kids.. anyways I switched bikes with her on 46 and she was elated, she rode up and down the hills with ease as I taught her how to use the gears.  Right before we got to the Niles trailhead we seen a beaver cross the road and go up the sidewalk.  I couldn't believe that. Never in my life have I seen a beaver go across a busy street and up into some brush.  But guess there is a first time for everything.

We only went to the bridge on the trail and turned around because the sun was setting fast and I didn't want to chance either of us getting hit, especially having to ride on the road the last 2 1/2 miles.
When we got up to Marcs we went behind the building that way we avoid much of the hill and it's not as hard as a ride, but none the least going down the hill Jim's bike chain came off.  Never ever a dull moment in my biking adventures, so we of course had to stop and get it back on. We made it home safely and right before dark.  My legs of course were killing me, as I will agree with Kaylee a 7 speed vs a 21 speed is a big difference.  Hope I am not to sore for tomorrow, because right now my legs are burning.

Total evening miles a whopping 6.96, phew!

Friday, June 22, 2012

6/21/2012 Family Ride

I decided last night that we should all go as a family on the bike trails.  Kaylee's been with me on the trails and has enjoyed it and I thought it would be good for my husband and son to come out to. To share the enjoyment that I get out of the trails, and to show them how beautiful nature and the wild life is.  They were excited, or so I thought.  With Tyler just learning how to ride a bike with out training wheels, I thought for sure he would love it.

We loaded the bikes and headed up to Webb Rd trailhead.  I figured that would be the best place to start since we would be near the tunnel, Tyler would love that. We arrived right around 6:30 pm unloaded the bikes and hopped on the trail. We weren't even a tenth of a mile in and Tyler was already stopping from being hot and thirsty, by the time we got to 1/4 of a mile my husband was complaining, his legs hurt and we were going up hill and he was ready to turn around.  I thought it was humorous, yet sad because it just goes to show our lack of fitness in the family.. We were only going about 4-7 mph on the bike.  None the least we were stopping every tenth of a mile or so because Tyler needed a rest.  Kaylee got smart and rode a good half mile in front of us because she was tired of almost wiping out because of Tyler's "emergency" stops!

It was hard to continously stop like that, and when Tyler stopped and he gave absolutely no warning he was just stop dead in front of you.  I think each of us must have almost wiped out because of that close to 2 times each.  My husband had no clue about any biker language and could not understand that he needed to stay on the right side and not hog up the whole trail.  I kept explaining that he needed to stay to the right when other bikers where riding so they could past.  There are some serious bikers on that trail that probably cruise at a minimum of 20 mph.  But he just couldn't get it. 

It was so bad that I was riding behind Tyler I think we were cruising anywhere from 7-10mph at that point, Tyler got in one of those moments and just dead stopped no warning and I went to swerve and Jim was passing me on my left it was almost a catastrophe and a bad one. I tried to explain to him that he needed to let me know that he was passing me by saying on your left so that I knew.  My oh my is all I will say. 

We were less then a tenth of a mile from the car when Tyler's bike chain snapped off his bike, we couldn't get it back on at that moment, so we just walked the bikes to the car. 

we did just a bit over 5 miles as a family, and it took 45 minutes just to do that! Not to bad, but it was miserable, tyler was complaining of all the mosquitoes, and he was hot, and stopping for a drink alot.
Then Kaylee and I finished off the bike ride to downtown niles, however she made me go through construction to see the new part of the trail that was done.  I was scared out of my boots as we went under the orange netting.. lol Lil Kaylee having mom break the construction laws.. but the path is beautiful and we successfully made it all the way through, and we weren't the only ones to jump the fence there were about 5 other bikers who did the same thing they were excited to i guess.  lol and as we were coming off the trail there were another set of bikers doing the same thing... lol but after words we all had ice cream and came home...

 Tyler going through the tunnel!

 Jim not looking thrilled about this
Kaylee wasn't happy either almost crashing into her little brother ever minute.. lol

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

6/20/2012 Quiet ride

I decided yesterday that I was going to start riding by 6:30am, with temperatures soring into the 90's today it was going to get hot fast. So I wanted to hurry up get out there get my 40 miles done and be home by 10am  When I went outside at 6 a.m.,it was like a slap in the face, it was already 70 degrees and 82% humidity.  I was not looking forward to this ride at all, but new it needed to get done and I knew this could possibly prepare me for what lies ahead on the big trip. 

Today was like any other day, I was meeting Chris at the DQ in Niles, of course when I got there he was not there.  He was late as usual, 9 minutes late to be precise.  I was not to thrilled about that, as I planned just to meet him there and go.

I switched the route up today, I wanted to try and sneak on the bridge they were working on to see if we really could cross it, as that little kid had told us just a few short days ago. So we made it there, but I backed out at the last minute because I seen a construction truck on site driving around and I surely didn't want to get hemmed up in a big mess.  So we turned around and went through part of niles to catch the trail of off, Mkeesport.

Riding the trails this morning was hard work, there must of been 50 rabbits on the trail that thought it was humorous to run back and forth all over the trail, we were lucky to top 8mph because of them.  I mean they were coming out of the woodwork figuratively speaking.  This one bunny must of played chicken with us for a good 600 ft.  From one side to another.  Although it was nice to see so many, it was starting to get annoying, because I am one of those brake for animal type people and it was like every 100ft I had to stop.

I struggled riding uphill today, tried to avoid it in every possible aspect, because Sunday I reinjured that old running injury and it is flared up pretty bad.  Every incline made it hurt that much more, we were barely to Kirk Road and when I told Chris that I wasn't going to go past Kirk.  I knew with as much pain as I was in, that I was not going to push myself anymore and throw myself out of the game for the big bike trip.

All in all there just really wasn't anything exciting.  Nice quiet trip, just trying to get through the pain and make it home.

Sorry there are no pictures today.  I will be back on the road maybe tomorrow, depends on how I feel. I may just let my injury rest a bit more before I get back to it.  So it may not be until Saturday.  Hope you enjoy reading my blogs as much as I enjoy writing them!

Today's mileage only a sad 25.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

June 17th, 2012 OH What a Training Ride It Was!

This post is not for the weak, or people who do not like TMI! Don't say I didn't warn you!

Today I awoke at 5:40 am to get ready for today's journey towards Ashtabula.  I laid in bed for a brief second as my legs were so tired from riding 13 more miles then I was used to yesterday, but after going to bed early I felt refreshed.  I laid comfy in my bed for a few more minutes as I intently tried listening for rain drops.  I of course heard nothing. Chris and I agreed yesterday, since there was a 40% Chance of rain, that we would not ride if it was raining when we woke.  Not that I am weak or to much of a priss to ride in the rain, because by far I am not.  It was just why be wet and miserable when we could just wait it out for a while and get our miles in when it's dry. Anyways, I jumped in the shower to get warm because it was an icebox in my house this morning which made me run a bit behind.  I had not planned on having to do that this morning. After I ran around the house like a chicken with my head cut off, quickly grabbing everything, I texted Chris real quick to make sure he was still going after all he did stand me up last week and I didn't want to go through that whole mess of loading and unloading everything again.  Everything was good to go, so I hugged my husband good bye and gave my baby boy a hug and kiss on the cheek while he lay asleep on the couch. 

I arrived at TCTC which is where you can park, and then catch the trail about a mile down.  It was cool and brisk out and it definately looked like rain, but  I got all my things out and loaded up the bike and then Chris and I headed out towards Ashtabula. Glad I grabbed my windbreaker again because it sure was a bit breezy.  Everything seemed to be going smoothly, the trail was nice and flat, nothing at all like riding on the Niles and Mill creek trails.  Chris said they weren't flat that they seemed to be going down hill, but I tended to disagree because to me we would of been riding faster then 9mph.

When I got to a little over 7 miles into the trip, Tyler called and said that I needed to turn around because his eye was really swollen and they were going to the hospital. Jim assured me that everything was okay and that he could handle taking him and would call me as soon as he knew something. I knew right there that this bike trip was off to a start a spiraling downward events, because that is just how it works in my life lately. So

 There was alot of wild life, bunnies, chipmunks, squirrels, birds, ect. and of course geese.  about 6 miles from Orwell we had a bit of a goose stand off as you can see below.  My heart was pounding, all I could think about was last time, and them chasing us.. but this time there was more. I didn't think it would turn out well. 

After awhile Chris came up with the idea to quack like a duck and they started moving, so as soon as there was a break I was gone like the wind.. No way no how was I even remotely going to get chased by no goose again. Well yeah Chris almost got chased. but hey not my fault he should of took off when I did. After the goose stand off we came to a litter of bunnies munching on some clover, another set of bikers scared them off, but I did manage to catch a picture of one of them and right down a bit was a cat stalking them getting ready to make cat stew.

 Cute Bunny

Bad Kitty

Right about 10 miles Chris started complaining about his dairy aire and how it hurt and he needed a new seat, he was riding slower and slower then the bike he was riding started clicking not shifting gears right it just wasn't going well.  So about 2 miles before we got to Orwell I switched bikes with him to see if that helped.  It was a long two miles, I rode hard and fast but I wasn't used to riding such a low bike and he was right, it wasn't riding that way.  I took out my tools at the stop and tried tightening the gears. It helped a bit, but the clicking sounded horrible.  Man at this rate we would be lucky to make it to Orwell.  We did...  we drove down off to a little store right off the trail.  Grabbed a soda and a snack then went to the register to pay only to see a line of thunderstorms were heading our way.  Chris and I both new right then we were turning around, between the bike and now possibly the rain. Those two things were not going to be a good mixture.  I got outside and called my husband to check on Tyler.  He was fine, the doctors gave him some prednisone and something else and it took the swelling down alot.  He said he was doing much better. ( Thank God, I was nervous) after relaxing a bit I pulled out my tools and we sat and adjusted the bike to get all the gears to work so that we could make it home hopefully. 

We headed back towards home.  I stopped to take a picture of the sky. Definately looked like we were possibly going to run into some rain.

The ride home was honestly pure torture after about 7 miles in, my legs hurt so bad and I was becoming more drained by the minute.  Maybe it was the lack of proper nutrients or maybe the fact I rode so much yesterday.  I wasn't quite sure, but the more I rode the more it hurt and not just my legs, my rear end felt like it was getting more raw by the minute.  ( I definately need a new seat)  It felt good to stand up, but you can't ride a bike that way atleast not for that many miles.  Jim called he was like are you okay, its thundering and lightening, I will come get you guys, I was like no it's not doing anything here, I said maybe by the time we get that close it will be gone.  He made me make sure to call if it did rain... Chris was super stoked, yeah have him pick us up at rt 307.. lol I knew chris wanted out of this trip, secretly so did I.  But I ignored what Chris said and told my husband that I would call if we got caught in the storm.

The wind started picking up a bit, and there was just a slight incline in the trail which just made everything that much harder.  Being physically drained, a sore dairy aire, and now the weather seemed to not be cooperating as nicely as I had wanted it to.  Yes a breeze feels good, but when it's going against you it's just not so nice.  Right about 10 miles we were at a blazing speed of 7 mph because every stroke of the pedal made the rubbing worse, I just wanted to stop... Lol I know how the heck am I going to do 330 miles right... lol  alot of A&D ointment and Icy Hot! 
surely is not the speed I was going yesterday. lol

Anyways I had to pee right around 10 miles and of course there was no port a pot anywhere, right.. Go figure.. So the journey continues.... mile after mile after mile.  about 3 miles from our car I found one and I use it and of course someone else decided to join somewhere after Orwell.  Yep Great Aunt Flow!  I could not believe this.. Seriously? I was not prepared at all!  Wouldn't ya know.. So I ran out of the bathroom and hopped back on the bike and we put the pedal to the medal because this was not good and trust me it was not good.  So we pick up the speed to about 10- 11mph which is way good with the wind picking up by the minute and being as sore and raw as I was and the bike trouble we were having.  so about a mile and a half from the car it starts raining, and now I am really freaking out.. NO protection and rain this is going to be a catastrophe.  the wind picks up even more, the rain is just coming down and I am screaming, the rain pinging of my skin feels like little hail balls hitting me.  It's painful, I am pedaling as fast as we can but can't reach bearly 8 mph because the wind is fighting against us pushing us back.  and we are going downhill which i would normally atleast be hitting 16mph or better on the grade of a hill.  I mean this was pure torture.  Rain, Aunt flow, Wind. oh and did i mention for about a half mile as rain is pinging off my skin that we thought we turned down the wrong road?  Yeah oh my gosh I was screaming.. I wanted out of this so bad.. but none the least We got out of it and everything loaded and headed home.  But I did learn, some kind of rain gear is essential on our big trip or you pull over and get some shelter.. Riding in the rain HURTS!  don't advise anyone to do that... 

Welp that's my story for today.. I have enclosed some pics as always so scroll down and enjoy.  total miles was 35 something... 

 yeah above pic there was a circle in the corn field.. I said mmm UFO landed there.. lol jk

 Yeah riding in the rain don't advise anyone to do it!

wow check out that mop..

Saturday, June 16, 2012

June 16, 2012 Bike training

My ride once again started at 6:59 a.m. It seemed as though this day was going to go fantastic, everything went nice and smooth this morning. I made it to the Dq in niles in record time this morning a little under 14 minutes which sure for a little over 2.5 miles that's not fantastic, but for me it's GREAT!  Chris was actually at DQ on time with bike out and ready. Could this bike ride actually go smooth today, no problems? I'm thinking so! We followed our usual routine, turning down by the iron mill to what I call goose trail and it today there was no geese.  This was definately going to be an awesome day.

It was about 7 miles into the trail when I noticed Chris sure was tagging behind, and I mean way behind about a half mile or better.  Finally I slowed down and enough and he said he helped lift a 700lb piano and was hurting.  Nice!  So lets just say the first 20 miles were the longest miles of my life, I felt like they were never going to end because we were going soooo slow because of Chris, matter a fact it was getting to the point that if my grandfather had a wheelchair, he would of beaten us.  We were atleast 30-45 minutes behind schedule and I was not exactly happy because it's starting to get hot.  I am one of those people who cannot take heat, so the earlier I ride the better. 

To give ou an idea I was stopped at a cross road, got out my camera, and as you can see that spec on the trail way back there riding in the center, yeah that's Chris taking his good ol time.. LOL  and me Mrs. Impatient wanting to hurry up and get done because it's starting to get blistering hot!

I finally got to stop at Haus's in Canfield, which was our halfway point.  It was a nice little store, no where near as big as White House Fruit Farms, but still a comfy nice atmosphere. I stopped in and picked up a few things for the family, as they are starting to almost expect something from mom when I get home.  I sat outside with Chris for a few minutes and ate a donut.. yeah I know bad me... but it was plain.. lol anyways the most awesome part of that trip was they had a porta potty.  I know, I know, what's the big deal about a port-a-pot well this pot actually flushed and had a running sink in it. I never in my life seen anything like it. But sometimes you don't realize how much you appreciate walking into a nice clean port a pot!

He thinks he's a farmer.. bahahah looks more amish to me..

Well after I was done admiring the port -a-pot, we  went over to our bikes, when chris was like my back is wet, I was like yeah that's sweat from carrying the water hydrator on you.  He was like no I don't think so I was like yeah mine was like that last week.  He said let me see your back so I showed him and it was bone dry.. Here the water hydrator, ( which minds you holds a gallong of water) had sprung a leak.  lol  well guess now it was finally time to head home.  Hmm wonder how long this half was going to take. Hopefully not to long because it's got to be close to 80 degrees now and when you are pedaling up hills 80 degrees feels like 100..

The ride home was a little bit better not much, maybe it's simply because it's all down hill.  For the most part anyways.  Not to much exciting happened until we were about 3 miles past Kirk Rd and coming towards me were two other bikers and I usually say good morning to the other commuters as I pass them.  I was just taken back for a minute as this guy passing me who was in super good shape,  passed me in his yellow and black tight fitting, what do they call them, oh idk um, well whatever it was very form fitting and the dude had boobs, like implants.. I could not believe what I had seen.. I mean I don't care and I believe people are who they are and who am i to judge, but sometimes you just get taken back like that.  I just idk I was just like WOW.. maybe jealous, dude had bigger knockers then me, awesome physique and here I sit with nothing.. guess that's besides the point. 

Well besides that, the rest of my trip was pretty mellow.  The derailurer thing on Chris's bike is bent and has to be fixed before tomorrows journey.  (that's if it doesn't rain) todays total was 38.61 miles.. Well guess I will close for now.  Stay tuned for tomorrow's journey!

 Mahoning Bridge we cross
 Atleast I won't fall over the bridge.. it's gated
 hahah look at the walker, walking his bike..
phew that was hard work.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Testing to see if this works from my phone

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 13, 2012 Bike training ride

  My bike adventure started today at 6:59 a.m. I felt it was a little chilly and threw a real thin long sleeve shirt in my pannier before heading off.  I didn't think I would need it, but better to be safe then sorry since I was only wearing a t-shirt and shorts.  About a half mile into the ride I had to stop and pull that shirt out, it was down right cold. Glad I had some common sense today. I continued my journey towards the Niles DQ, which is the way I go when I meet Chris. Athough I pretty much new he wasn't coming, I still headed that way just to make sure.  My calculations were correct, I was going solo.

 The bike trip this morning was pretty mellow really, nothing out of the oridnary just alot of rabbits and chipmunks.  My mind began to wonder all sorts of things. Like with all these chipmunks and rabbits running back and forth playing chicken in the middle of the trailway, what if I accidently ran one over?  I would be devastated, and then I began to worry about deer jumping out in front of me. Lets face it, if that happened I would be done for because I have no protection.  I mean look at the damage they do to cars then that thought led to black bears.  They have been seen all over, what would I do if I crossed one, would it chase me and try and eat me? It made me think of our big bike trip next month and wondering just how many things we are going to encounter and will we be prepared?

I only road out to the end of the trail today, thought about heading to Haus's but with the weather being so chilly and the kids home with Jim, I figured it was best to turn around.  Turning around was a disaster, the wind resistance made it so hard to ride, my legs felt like they were doing twice the amount of work that they normally would and I began to think of that humongous hill we got to climb for 125 miles. 

When I was almost back to Kirk Road I seen a personal trainer with a group of people walking them on the trail and it made me think of my group and how I wish we could all get our schedules together so I could be with them.  I miss running with them and keeping each other motivated.  I really want to help America get their life back.  We are so controlled by fast food and processed food it's ridiculous.  I know this is supposed to be about the bike trip and I am just rambling on.  Lol I told you when you have so much time by yourself you think about so much. Hmm guess that brings me to another silly moment. I was riding my bike deep in thought and this bird was flapping its wings in the brush and I thought it was going to be that deer or bear jumping out.. lol snapped me back into reality real quick. I screeched a bit because I was just so wrapped up in my thoughts that that freaking bird scared the tar out of me. I know that person on the trail coming towards me probably thought I was stupid.

There was nothing really excting until I reached Giant Eagle there was a car who pulled up to the road looking only left for the oncoming traffic, there was still traffic coming pretty fast, so I figured that I would just keep going because there was no way that lady was going to turn with traffic so close.  BOY WAS I WRONG! She never once looked right to see if there was anyone on the sidewalk or anything, guess she figured that since she was turning right that she only needed to look left. Yeah well lets just say 2 inches away from hitting me as she slammed on her breaks, knowing she was wrong.  Scared the crap out of her I am sure, and me to as your life flashes before you like oh snap.  So please remember the rule to look both ways drivers, because you may just hit someone like me who is merely trying to reach her next goal. 

Todays mileage was 34 miles, it was a slow ride. Probably won't be riding again until this weekend, so keep watching for more stories!

Heres a few pics from todays ride!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

June 10, 2012 bike training ride

5:30 a.m. came all to early this morning.  I so wanted to keep sleeping, but I knew it was time to crawl out of bed because I only had 45 minutes to get everything together before I had to leave for today's bike adventure, not to mention I couldn't afford to sleep in it was going to be blistering hot today. My theory is the earlier you get started the better! I got the bike rack out, lunch packed, water bladders out of the freezer and th bike put on the rack and locked up and everything loaded in the car.
I woke my family and gave them hugs and kisses before I headed out toward champion, because you never know if something is going to happen.  I grabbed my cell and called Chris as I told him I would and of course he answers the phone and by the emptiness in the back ground I knew he was still at home and then that's when he told me he was unable to go on the trails today he wasn't feeling well.  I was furious,  why couldn't he have sent me a text or called me over an hour ago? I could of slept in a bit. Although my temper was fuming inside, I just said OK and hung up and then turned around because there was no way i was going on that trail by myself, I didn't know it well enough.  So when I got home I unloaded everything to get ready to head back out towards Canfield. I came back into the house to let my husband know the change of plans and then proceeded to head off. Well I decided while I was still in the driveway to go ahead and adjust my gears to easy as that i how I always start off to get warmed up, well when I did that my chain came off my bike. I was like really?   Boy this is not a good day at all now is it... but i tried to look at it as God was delaying me this morning because he was trying to protect me from something treacherous. so I got the chain back on and then had to come back in the house to get all the grease off my hands.. and then I finally headed off  for the second time this morning, i got about 500 ft from the end of my drive and realized my spedometer wasn't working either? You got to be freaking kidding me, so I turned around and sat  at the end of my driveway trying to realign the computer with the chip so it would work.  Finally it was exactly 7am and everything was in working condition. I could finally begin my bike trip, hopefully without any more issues.  I decided to take the road all the way to the other part of the bike trail because there was no way i was going to deal with those crazy geese by myself.. I really hate road riding though, i have a fear that someone is going to be texting and driving or not paying attention and hit me... but sometimes you just got to suck it up! my morning commute was good except i got startled by a bird.  Then came the last few miles of my first half, I decided I would bike on the back roads to Haus's cider mill and figured it would be something different to do and I could take my break there and check out there store.. yeah well I pedaled some pretty nice inclines and was not to happy when it was 80 degrees and no shade and I had to pee really bad but that's okay because soon i would be there and could eat and relax.  I finally found the place for what seemed to be the longest mile and half in history and guess what it didn't open until noon and guess what time it was 9am.. lol no I wasn't waiting.. i took out my half of almond butter sandwich hopped back on my bike and headed back to the trail, i had 10 miles to go to get to the bathroom which meant i had to hold it another hour in bike terms... lol   Yeah I know I am a slow rider... so anyways i stepped up my pace quite a bit, i made it there in about 40 minutes, however i was a little scared when i got there because when i was looking down at the floor it was moving... i was becoming a slight bit delirious for a minute there... i nearly passed out.. but after a few seconds and some ice cold water i was ok and managed to make the rest of my trip home..about 4 miles from home there this tree and the branches are overgrown and are drooping over the sidewalk i ride on and I always duck so that I don't get tree slapped as I am going by, but today when i went to duck, i did to far and cracked my face off the handlebars... yeah it wasn't so nice!  I didn't quite make 40 miles today i was about a half mile off but my behind is sore and feels to be raw.. gotta figure something out before that 330 mile bike trip or I'm going to be in serious trouble.

Thought for the day- take time to appreciate and truly take in what's around you! God gave us so much and sometimes we are so caught up in our own world that we forget the beauty in everything around us.