Sunday, June 24, 2012

6/24/2012 Rescue

My legs were killing me last night from riding Jim's bike two days ago, don't think I will ever ride his bike again.  None the least my adventure was to head to my mom's today and then I wasn't sure.  My alarm went off at 6 a.m. as usual, I was extremely exhausted, I just didn't want to move.  I grabbed my phone and texted mom that I was just going to sleep in and would head out when I woke up.

I woke back up at almost 7, I still wanted to stay in bed, but I knew I better just get up and get moving. I hurry up rushed around called mom to let her know I was on my way and then headed off on my adventure. 

It was nice to be able to ride at my own pace for once.  I didn't ride to hard, just what was comfortable for me considering my legs were still hurting pretty bad.  I didn't take the time to sight see a whole lot because of course my whole trip this time out was road riding, and I definately needed to pay attention.  I did however see where they are going to put the bike trail on North Rd that really excited me, because it means more options for me when I ride and I am just not stuck in one place.  I did alot of thinking again while I was on this trip. I thought about how bad my legs hurt now from minimal miles, I can't imagine what life is going to be like with all the weight on our bike riding 50 miles a day.  I also thought about America and it's growing problem of obesity with all the processed garbage we shove in our mouths.  I thought that if we all took the time to just ride a bike that not only would we be able to help to decline the obesity rates, that we would be eco friendly and gas prices would drop.  I know I need to quit going on with this fairy tale dream that I got life figured out and I am not going to solve America's problems.  But I guess there is nothing wrong with trying to think.

I made it to my mom's in 37 minutes and some change, which isn't to shabby I guess for a comfortable 7.3 mile ride.  So my average was almost 12 mph. Not to shabby! I got to my mom's and we sat outside for a bit.  I noticed the dog across the street was all tangled up and looked like it was about to hang itself if it moved.  So my mom was like just go over he's a friendly dog and untangle him.  Yeah well no that is not going to happen, because big dogs scare the tar out of me. Guess that all goes back to when my little brother got bit by a doberman when he was little.  So my mom gets off the porch and goes over to do it herself, but because the dog was so tangled mom needed help untangling the chain. She said I could use some help here, so i walked over and just before I got there the dog growled and nipped her.  Didn't draw blood or anything and she is ok because she let him go quickly.  So we go back and talk some more on the porch and there is this little tiny puppy that looks horrid.. He's all scraggly, matted, and very homely looking.  I felt bad for him.  Mom said the people moved out over a week ago and just left the puppy there.  I mean how cruel are people, it's just ignorant. If you buy a pet, that's your family, take care of it. How on earth can people be so cruel.  The breaking point for me, was this little puppy goes over to the door where his owner lives and hes scratching on the door and yipping.. That broke my heart.  My mom grabbed some food and water and we went over to him.  he was nervous, but he came over and drank some water and snubbed the food.  He was nothing but a bag of bones, his hair was so matted, he was infested with fleas, and he looked up at me with his little sad brown eyes.  At that moment my heart melted and I became even more angry at those people. I took a picture and sent it to my husband, he knows i don't like seeing animals abused. Look I rescued ki last year and found her a good home.  But this puppy, i knew he was not going no where, my son would love him.  I called my husband and he said ok, and he would come get us in an hour.  Mom and I took the puppy back to her place and gave it a flea bath, this precious puppy was so, so, matted and caked with dirt. But he lay there and let us bathe him, blow dry him, and brush him.. He has almost no hair on his rear end, the matts were so bad we had to cut them off of him.  I just can't describe how bad this puppy was.  None the least he is home with us and doing just well.  So of course my bike ride today was only 7.3 miles, but to save a puppys life, that was more important.  He's just a bag of bones..

Now he is full of smiles!  We call him "Lucky"

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  1. Oh hes so cute! Love the name too. I think ur all lucky and will all be smiling. :)