Tuesday, June 26, 2012

6/26/2012 Good morning

Woke up this morning and got a text that Chris once again would not be able to bike with me this morning as he had planned yesterday.  So since he wasnt going I decided I would venture off to my mom's again.  I decided I like to ride on the road better even though there is traffic and its scary, I think the wild life on the trails scares me a little more being by myself.  Riding on the trails I feel more confined and a bit wigged out like the boogeyman is going to come out and get me.  Lol anyways I made it to moms in about 36 minutes, not to shabby.  I sat and visited with her for about 40 minutes and then gave hugs and kisses and ventured back out!

 That's my mom, she's standing up weird because she's proud of all the weight shes lost so she is showing it off. 
This would be her dog Peanut that freaking attacks me (not literally) but this dog is an attention moocher..

 After I left mom's house I decided that I was going to head to the trail I seen by her house the other day and so I did, I didn't make it very far on to the Warren Bikeway when there before me was a beautiful deer grazing in the tall grass.  I stopped my bike quietly and grabbed my camera, I snapped like 5 pictures as i tried to inch closer and closer and then her little baby comes out and i am trying to figure out why i can't zoom in, so none the least she caught me let out this weird noise and they were off back into the woods.  Here are a couple pics but you really have to look to see her. I wasn't close enough.
 if you click on the pic it will get bigger, and you can vaguely see her on the right side of the trail.
 Here I caught a pic as she was jumping through the grass with her baby leaving because she seen me.
off to the woods they went!

I ventured down the trail a bit more and it made a curve, well as I was coming around the corner on the trail there before me were 3 wild turkeys, scared the crap out of me, I tried to get a picture of them but couldn't get my camera out and ready fast enough.. but they crossed the trail.. why did the turkeys cross the road? Because it was the chickens day off.. ( as Tyler would say) GO FIGURE! I told you trail riding really scares me, when I am by myself. The wild life just comes out of no where.  Thank Goodness I haven't seen no bear.  lol I finished off the trail and turned around to do the other part of it.   Seen there was a nice trail head a bit down. With acutal bathrooms 

From there I rode until the trail ended and then just took back streets.  I ended up in Warren on South St. I took that to 169 and found another trail that led to Burton St.  and then I got back on 169 and up to Valacamp.  Had to walk that incline. The grade was horrid.  THen i took more back roads and then headed back home, because of course riding alone gets boring after a while and had no one else I could visit so early in the morning. But none the least I ateast got some miles in a whole whopping 17.19 miles.  I may venture back out later.  We shall see. Hope you all have a good day!

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