Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 13, 2012 Bike training ride

  My bike adventure started today at 6:59 a.m. I felt it was a little chilly and threw a real thin long sleeve shirt in my pannier before heading off.  I didn't think I would need it, but better to be safe then sorry since I was only wearing a t-shirt and shorts.  About a half mile into the ride I had to stop and pull that shirt out, it was down right cold. Glad I had some common sense today. I continued my journey towards the Niles DQ, which is the way I go when I meet Chris. Athough I pretty much new he wasn't coming, I still headed that way just to make sure.  My calculations were correct, I was going solo.

 The bike trip this morning was pretty mellow really, nothing out of the oridnary just alot of rabbits and chipmunks.  My mind began to wonder all sorts of things. Like with all these chipmunks and rabbits running back and forth playing chicken in the middle of the trailway, what if I accidently ran one over?  I would be devastated, and then I began to worry about deer jumping out in front of me. Lets face it, if that happened I would be done for because I have no protection.  I mean look at the damage they do to cars then that thought led to black bears.  They have been seen all over, what would I do if I crossed one, would it chase me and try and eat me? It made me think of our big bike trip next month and wondering just how many things we are going to encounter and will we be prepared?

I only road out to the end of the trail today, thought about heading to Haus's but with the weather being so chilly and the kids home with Jim, I figured it was best to turn around.  Turning around was a disaster, the wind resistance made it so hard to ride, my legs felt like they were doing twice the amount of work that they normally would and I began to think of that humongous hill we got to climb for 125 miles. 

When I was almost back to Kirk Road I seen a personal trainer with a group of people walking them on the trail and it made me think of my group and how I wish we could all get our schedules together so I could be with them.  I miss running with them and keeping each other motivated.  I really want to help America get their life back.  We are so controlled by fast food and processed food it's ridiculous.  I know this is supposed to be about the bike trip and I am just rambling on.  Lol I told you when you have so much time by yourself you think about so much. Hmm guess that brings me to another silly moment. I was riding my bike deep in thought and this bird was flapping its wings in the brush and I thought it was going to be that deer or bear jumping out.. lol snapped me back into reality real quick. I screeched a bit because I was just so wrapped up in my thoughts that that freaking bird scared the tar out of me. I know that person on the trail coming towards me probably thought I was stupid.

There was nothing really excting until I reached Giant Eagle there was a car who pulled up to the road looking only left for the oncoming traffic, there was still traffic coming pretty fast, so I figured that I would just keep going because there was no way that lady was going to turn with traffic so close.  BOY WAS I WRONG! She never once looked right to see if there was anyone on the sidewalk or anything, guess she figured that since she was turning right that she only needed to look left. Yeah well lets just say 2 inches away from hitting me as she slammed on her breaks, knowing she was wrong.  Scared the crap out of her I am sure, and me to as your life flashes before you like oh snap.  So please remember the rule to look both ways drivers, because you may just hit someone like me who is merely trying to reach her next goal. 

Todays mileage was 34 miles, it was a slow ride. Probably won't be riding again until this weekend, so keep watching for more stories!

Heres a few pics from todays ride!

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