Wednesday, June 20, 2012

6/20/2012 Quiet ride

I decided yesterday that I was going to start riding by 6:30am, with temperatures soring into the 90's today it was going to get hot fast. So I wanted to hurry up get out there get my 40 miles done and be home by 10am  When I went outside at 6 a.m.,it was like a slap in the face, it was already 70 degrees and 82% humidity.  I was not looking forward to this ride at all, but new it needed to get done and I knew this could possibly prepare me for what lies ahead on the big trip. 

Today was like any other day, I was meeting Chris at the DQ in Niles, of course when I got there he was not there.  He was late as usual, 9 minutes late to be precise.  I was not to thrilled about that, as I planned just to meet him there and go.

I switched the route up today, I wanted to try and sneak on the bridge they were working on to see if we really could cross it, as that little kid had told us just a few short days ago. So we made it there, but I backed out at the last minute because I seen a construction truck on site driving around and I surely didn't want to get hemmed up in a big mess.  So we turned around and went through part of niles to catch the trail of off, Mkeesport.

Riding the trails this morning was hard work, there must of been 50 rabbits on the trail that thought it was humorous to run back and forth all over the trail, we were lucky to top 8mph because of them.  I mean they were coming out of the woodwork figuratively speaking.  This one bunny must of played chicken with us for a good 600 ft.  From one side to another.  Although it was nice to see so many, it was starting to get annoying, because I am one of those brake for animal type people and it was like every 100ft I had to stop.

I struggled riding uphill today, tried to avoid it in every possible aspect, because Sunday I reinjured that old running injury and it is flared up pretty bad.  Every incline made it hurt that much more, we were barely to Kirk Road and when I told Chris that I wasn't going to go past Kirk.  I knew with as much pain as I was in, that I was not going to push myself anymore and throw myself out of the game for the big bike trip.

All in all there just really wasn't anything exciting.  Nice quiet trip, just trying to get through the pain and make it home.

Sorry there are no pictures today.  I will be back on the road maybe tomorrow, depends on how I feel. I may just let my injury rest a bit more before I get back to it.  So it may not be until Saturday.  Hope you enjoy reading my blogs as much as I enjoy writing them!

Today's mileage only a sad 25.

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