Saturday, June 16, 2012

June 16, 2012 Bike training

My ride once again started at 6:59 a.m. It seemed as though this day was going to go fantastic, everything went nice and smooth this morning. I made it to the Dq in niles in record time this morning a little under 14 minutes which sure for a little over 2.5 miles that's not fantastic, but for me it's GREAT!  Chris was actually at DQ on time with bike out and ready. Could this bike ride actually go smooth today, no problems? I'm thinking so! We followed our usual routine, turning down by the iron mill to what I call goose trail and it today there was no geese.  This was definately going to be an awesome day.

It was about 7 miles into the trail when I noticed Chris sure was tagging behind, and I mean way behind about a half mile or better.  Finally I slowed down and enough and he said he helped lift a 700lb piano and was hurting.  Nice!  So lets just say the first 20 miles were the longest miles of my life, I felt like they were never going to end because we were going soooo slow because of Chris, matter a fact it was getting to the point that if my grandfather had a wheelchair, he would of beaten us.  We were atleast 30-45 minutes behind schedule and I was not exactly happy because it's starting to get hot.  I am one of those people who cannot take heat, so the earlier I ride the better. 

To give ou an idea I was stopped at a cross road, got out my camera, and as you can see that spec on the trail way back there riding in the center, yeah that's Chris taking his good ol time.. LOL  and me Mrs. Impatient wanting to hurry up and get done because it's starting to get blistering hot!

I finally got to stop at Haus's in Canfield, which was our halfway point.  It was a nice little store, no where near as big as White House Fruit Farms, but still a comfy nice atmosphere. I stopped in and picked up a few things for the family, as they are starting to almost expect something from mom when I get home.  I sat outside with Chris for a few minutes and ate a donut.. yeah I know bad me... but it was plain.. lol anyways the most awesome part of that trip was they had a porta potty.  I know, I know, what's the big deal about a port-a-pot well this pot actually flushed and had a running sink in it. I never in my life seen anything like it. But sometimes you don't realize how much you appreciate walking into a nice clean port a pot!

He thinks he's a farmer.. bahahah looks more amish to me..

Well after I was done admiring the port -a-pot, we  went over to our bikes, when chris was like my back is wet, I was like yeah that's sweat from carrying the water hydrator on you.  He was like no I don't think so I was like yeah mine was like that last week.  He said let me see your back so I showed him and it was bone dry.. Here the water hydrator, ( which minds you holds a gallong of water) had sprung a leak.  lol  well guess now it was finally time to head home.  Hmm wonder how long this half was going to take. Hopefully not to long because it's got to be close to 80 degrees now and when you are pedaling up hills 80 degrees feels like 100..

The ride home was a little bit better not much, maybe it's simply because it's all down hill.  For the most part anyways.  Not to much exciting happened until we were about 3 miles past Kirk Rd and coming towards me were two other bikers and I usually say good morning to the other commuters as I pass them.  I was just taken back for a minute as this guy passing me who was in super good shape,  passed me in his yellow and black tight fitting, what do they call them, oh idk um, well whatever it was very form fitting and the dude had boobs, like implants.. I could not believe what I had seen.. I mean I don't care and I believe people are who they are and who am i to judge, but sometimes you just get taken back like that.  I just idk I was just like WOW.. maybe jealous, dude had bigger knockers then me, awesome physique and here I sit with nothing.. guess that's besides the point. 

Well besides that, the rest of my trip was pretty mellow.  The derailurer thing on Chris's bike is bent and has to be fixed before tomorrows journey.  (that's if it doesn't rain) todays total was 38.61 miles.. Well guess I will close for now.  Stay tuned for tomorrow's journey!

 Mahoning Bridge we cross
 Atleast I won't fall over the bridge.. it's gated
 hahah look at the walker, walking his bike..
phew that was hard work.

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