Friday, June 22, 2012

6/21/2012 Family Ride

I decided last night that we should all go as a family on the bike trails.  Kaylee's been with me on the trails and has enjoyed it and I thought it would be good for my husband and son to come out to. To share the enjoyment that I get out of the trails, and to show them how beautiful nature and the wild life is.  They were excited, or so I thought.  With Tyler just learning how to ride a bike with out training wheels, I thought for sure he would love it.

We loaded the bikes and headed up to Webb Rd trailhead.  I figured that would be the best place to start since we would be near the tunnel, Tyler would love that. We arrived right around 6:30 pm unloaded the bikes and hopped on the trail. We weren't even a tenth of a mile in and Tyler was already stopping from being hot and thirsty, by the time we got to 1/4 of a mile my husband was complaining, his legs hurt and we were going up hill and he was ready to turn around.  I thought it was humorous, yet sad because it just goes to show our lack of fitness in the family.. We were only going about 4-7 mph on the bike.  None the least we were stopping every tenth of a mile or so because Tyler needed a rest.  Kaylee got smart and rode a good half mile in front of us because she was tired of almost wiping out because of Tyler's "emergency" stops!

It was hard to continously stop like that, and when Tyler stopped and he gave absolutely no warning he was just stop dead in front of you.  I think each of us must have almost wiped out because of that close to 2 times each.  My husband had no clue about any biker language and could not understand that he needed to stay on the right side and not hog up the whole trail.  I kept explaining that he needed to stay to the right when other bikers where riding so they could past.  There are some serious bikers on that trail that probably cruise at a minimum of 20 mph.  But he just couldn't get it. 

It was so bad that I was riding behind Tyler I think we were cruising anywhere from 7-10mph at that point, Tyler got in one of those moments and just dead stopped no warning and I went to swerve and Jim was passing me on my left it was almost a catastrophe and a bad one. I tried to explain to him that he needed to let me know that he was passing me by saying on your left so that I knew.  My oh my is all I will say. 

We were less then a tenth of a mile from the car when Tyler's bike chain snapped off his bike, we couldn't get it back on at that moment, so we just walked the bikes to the car. 

we did just a bit over 5 miles as a family, and it took 45 minutes just to do that! Not to bad, but it was miserable, tyler was complaining of all the mosquitoes, and he was hot, and stopping for a drink alot.
Then Kaylee and I finished off the bike ride to downtown niles, however she made me go through construction to see the new part of the trail that was done.  I was scared out of my boots as we went under the orange netting.. lol Lil Kaylee having mom break the construction laws.. but the path is beautiful and we successfully made it all the way through, and we weren't the only ones to jump the fence there were about 5 other bikers who did the same thing they were excited to i guess.  lol and as we were coming off the trail there were another set of bikers doing the same thing... lol but after words we all had ice cream and came home...

 Tyler going through the tunnel!

 Jim not looking thrilled about this
Kaylee wasn't happy either almost crashing into her little brother ever minute.. lol

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