Sunday, June 10, 2012

June 9th, 2012 bike training

7:49 am
 that's me
 and that would be Chris

 road riding is dangerous
 just beautiful
 yeah see that little snake
 that's the snapping turtle
 snapping turtle moved safely into the grass
 of course my tire blew, so close to 40 miles to.
 Today was the day that I was supposed to ride to Ashtabula on my bike, camp, and then come home. My husband however thought it was kind of stupid to ride up there and camp and then come back since it was only 40 miles a day. He felt it was better to just ride out past canfield and then come home. So I went with what he said. Okay it wasn't that easy, I mean I was mad and upset that my husband changed my plans on me at the last minute, but I got over it 24 hours later.

 So anyways, I headed out to meet my biking partner Chris, in downtown niles at the DQ. Of course as usual he's not on time so I have to wait.. lol so after he gets there and get situated with his bike we finally start on down the road to catch the Niles Greenway Trail, of course it is not all completed yet  so we have to ride through downtown niles and over the bridge and down yonder a bit before we can actually catch the trail. We arrive at the trail and probably aren't even on it for about 1/10 of a mile when there in the middle of the trail sit a geese family. A mother and father I propose and their 5 ducklings and they would not budge for the life of them. I am ringing my bicycle bell trying to warn them that they need to move we are coming through and nope they are not having it. They would not budge it was us verses the geese.  So I tell Chris, you go first.. lol (nice aren't I?) So anyways as he passes the one goose starts hissing then flapping his wings chasing him and I am screaming and I vear to the left and go on the opposite side of chris into the grass to protect myself from being bit. (hmm this makes me sound like I am selfish and could care less about my friend, but if you truly know me you would know this is not how I am, but when crazy animals are trying to bite you, you don't think you just go!)  So after I about had a heart attack and Chris was laughing his rear off our journey continued.

From that point on I was in which i was practically startled by every living creature on that trail and there were a great deal of them.  The rest of the bike ride that morning was pretty nice, minus the few times I was startled.  After riding for nearly 2 hours, we went off the trail and started heading to White House Fruit Farms, or so I thought.  We kept having to stop and use my phones GPS to get directions and of course with the luck I have it just would not work right.  So Instead I had to use goodle maps and from there we followed the map and successfully made it there. I love the smells of fresh vegetables and fruit and their bakery the aormas of freshly baked donughts just sweeps you off your feet.  If you are on a diet do not walk into this place because that is asking for failure.  Temptation just takes over. Okay I know on with the story.  We ordered our subs from the deli and I picked my little guy up some candy suckers and then sat outside and enjoyed our lunch and then headed back out to the trail. Chris kept saying how he was going to throw me off my bike once we got back on the trail,I kept thinking it had to do with all those hills we had to ride up.

 My next greatest fear is snakes and of course as I am riding along there trail there sits a snake with it's head up like it's going to strike as i pass it, and of course I scream again... yeah I don't do snakes at all, no way no how... nope, nope, nope.. so yeah ok go about another mile and there lies another little teeny baby snake, so i got off my bike and snapped a picture for Tyler to see.. Atleast I guess that I am getting my experience with nature before the pittsburgh to dc trip. Lol most of the trip on the way back was pleasant about 3 miles before we got back to Chris's car there were some kids in the middle of the trailand a pile of blob.  I couldn't tell what it was from so far back, but in the back of my mind all I could think about was they must have run something over when they were biking and they were trying to save it. As we approach, there it sat a small snapping turtle in the middle of the trail.  Poor thing.  The children were sitting their poking him with sticks trying to get him to move and of course he doesn't move he just sitting there trying to snap at them. I am not going to lie I probably would do the same thing if someone was doing that to me.  lol so chris got off the bike and yep picked the turtle up and moved it. The one girl was like "wow you are so brave!" lol   geez they act like he fought a mountain lion or something.  After "Chris saved the turtle" we headed back toward his car. When we got there I was getting his stuff out of my panniers and getting ready to finish my 2.5 miles back to my house when I hear phishhhhhh yep you guessed it or maybe not but , my spoke when through my innertube so couldn't finish my 40 miles... I was not happy... I was calling my husband and of course he wouldn't answer, tried my lil one's phone he didn't answer and I tried like 10 times and nothing.. So Chris was nice enough to give me a ride home with my deflated tire... got home grabbed a drink and headed to the bike shop for repairs... hopefully tomorrows trip is better then todays. right? guess it's a good thing I didn't go to Ashtabula after all. Tomorrow we are going to ride from Champion to a little passed Orwell and back... so on that note I shall close...

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