Saturday, July 6, 2013


 I got to finally go out and do some riding today, although I didn't get to many miles accomplished, managed to at least conquer the newest part of the trail in Warren, So I road that from Burton Street to North River Rd and then of course I lollygagged around town trying to get some miles in today.  I did manage to take a few pictures of some of the trail that I was on. I can't wait until the entire trail is complete from Lisbon to Ashtabula. That will be another venture for me one of these days. 

I am getting down to the nitty gritty with my bike trip, and I am actually pretty nervous about it, considering I had to take a month off with the concussion and stuff.  Just the 21 miles I did today was a bit rough on my legs.  I mean I am not in terrible pain or anything, but my knees feel it a bit, and I am just a bit achy.  I just really wish I wouldn't have gotten injured because I was really up there in mileage and this hiccup has definitely caused me a bit of a set back. It doesn't matter though because I have my faith and I have the will power to do this.  Its who I am.  

I am also thankful for a friend I met who just completed this trail, he blogged his whole experience on the trail and gave me a lot of tips which is helping me out tremendously on how I need to prepare! The best part is he did it totally unsupported and SOLO!  I am hoping one day that maybe we can join up and do a trip together.  But seriously you should check out his blog.
 Looking a hot mess with this humidity!  lol

 parts of the new trail
 new bridge walls they were building, but the guy gave me a dirty look while i was taking pictures like what the heck am i doing! lol oh well!


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