Monday, July 8, 2013

7/8/2013 what a day!

My intentions this morning were to leave the house around 10:30 am to meet up with my biking partner for the trip.  Unfortunately those plans fell through, which of course was not a good start off to my day.  We haven't rode together at all and I was hoping to see how he rides and to let him see how I ride. That is an important key factor when you are planning a trip this size because you really need to be able to pace with each other.  I guess at this point it doesn't matter because I am running out of time to try and build my mileage up, so I had to still continue on.  I wasn't really sure where I was going to go.  I hopped on my bike and ventured out at about a quarter to 11.  I headed down Hazelwood to go and visit Ray for a minute.  He was sitting on the porch.  So nice to see his smile and talk to him.  I miss him dearly.  After a few minutes I headed towards the bike trail off of South St. and took the trail to Burton St.  once I got there I decided to get off the trail instead of turning around like I usually do and head towards a friends house out on Route 45.  I kind of was a little nervous since I wasn't wearing my helmet and the rest of the ride there was all road riding, but I was confident in my ability.  So I headed there.  I got there in about 31 minutes and sat and visited for about a half an hour.  While I was visiting I figured I would text my dad and see what he was up to and go and visit him since I was half way to his house.  Now mind you my father is a very busy man, so I didn't want to just ride out there and him not be home because the ride there is pretty hilly and has a lot of incline, and really I am just starting back to training and that makes it a little to rough, so that why I texted him.  Of course I got no response, so to met, Not home!  So I hopped back on my bike and headed out.  I took a different route back which brought me to the Lordstown corporation limit,  once I turned on Brunstetter, I seen a vehicle in my side view mirror and then someone calling my name, I turned my head and popped out my ear phones and low and behold, it was Justin and Andrew.  I haven't seen them in so long, so as I was riding they were riding in a vehicle next to me chatting.  It was so nice to see them, after that conversation I then headed back out towards Warren, and back to the trail on Burton St.  I rode the trail all the way to North River Rd, which isn't to far from Champion.  I decided I would stop in and see my mom for a little bit.  Which was a good thing because I needed to fill back up on my fluids.  When I arrived at my moms my mileage was only at 16 miles.  My goal today was to hit 30.  So as I was visiting my mom, I was trying to figure out where I was going to go next.  Would I go out towards Champion and ride the Western Reserve Greenway for a little bit? Or head back towards downtown and just cruise around?  Or maybe go and visit Nikki?  Hmmm 

As I was sitting at moms trying to cool off and rehydrate with a ice cold Diet Pepsi, she looks at me and says Tabitha when did you get that big mole?  I was like what?  Where? She was like right there on your arm by your armpit.  I looked down and looked again and screamed and flung this bug off of me.  This my friends was a tick!  AAAAAAGH... none the least, I guess it was a great thing that I stopped at my mom's before that thing attached into my skin and I wouldn't have known!  I scared my mom's company when I screamed and it was embarrassing to me, but I surely didn't expect to see a tic!  As I was visiting mom, my dad text me and says he is home I can come out!  I was like really after I am almost to champion you want me to turn around and go clear back out there?  I was torn, because I knew it was going to be a hard journey and I was already getting pretty tired just from the 16.  Then my husband calls and there was a problem with Tyler, then Tyler text me and says mom you got to come home now.  I said buds I am riding a bike, he text back. you need to turn around and come back now.  He wouldn't say why, So I give my mom a hug and hop on my bike and go flying home, of course in record time to me, because I figured it would take me at least an half an hour.  I was there in about 15 minutes, but I guess that's what you do for your babies. 

When I got home, I dealt with little Tyler.  It was a personal matter, poor baby, he needed his mommy to tell him it was ok.  After that I made a cheese sandwich as I was famished, filled my bottles back up and then headed back out on my bike!  Phew!  Off to dad's house  now.  Hoping I can get in my 30 miles.  I was not looking forward to this ride because I new with the inclines and hills I was not going to like it one bit, however, I knew it would help me on my trip since there is a good bit of hills I heard on this bike adventure next week.  I took probably the longest route in history there just because it was a lot of road riding.  Once I hit downtown Niles, I figured it was best if I swung over and caught part of the Niles trail that way it was less of a chance of me getting hit.  That felt like the longest ride in history though, my legs felt the burn with each hill I climbed, and each incline, but I quickly learned to adjust my gears to put less stress on my legs.  I made it to my dads in under an hour and was ready to pass out when I got there.  My mileage tracker finally hit 30.49 miles.. Goal accomplished! I parked my bike in the grass and headed over to the pool to see my dad.

I was surprised to see my Aunt Lisa and Aunt Shelly there, so we all sat and talked, and then this little boy comes out of my dad's house and I was shocked... It was my little brother... I don't get to see him much and he has grown so much!  Then my other little brother who is now 15 came out and he was so tall. I just couldn't believe it!  So my day was very family oriented, I seen so many people today.

Highlight is sitting there talking to my dad, and then you hear the squeak of my cow horn and we all look over and my bike had fallen over.

Dad says, Tab your horse died!  lol  Yep guess all that riding today, my bike had, had enough.  So instead of riding my bike home, I just called Jim to come get me, so that I could catch up with my family.  I never get out to see anyone and it was so nice to see them all!  What a day!

 wanted to try out fish tail braiding while I was out a mom's
 my 15 year old brother Pat

and my bike died, it was tired.... lol

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