Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 5, Final Day

I slept in until 5:45 today!  Boy was that nice!  I had a lot to do though, but figured I could get it all done before breakfast started at 6:30.  WRONG...  lol I had clothes to figure out inside and out and I had to get my blue hair done.  Phew.  None the least by the time was all said and done and I got breakfast and more people were signing my shirt. It was almost 8 am...  So I ventured out and once again managed to go off track once more.. boy I sure have gotten lost a lot this last trip... I was making phenomenal time though once I got on track, I was riding between 13-15 miles and hour which sure in the heck was beating the 9mph I was going for day upon days.  I am sure the flatness of the trail and the fact my husband took all my luggage except my emergency bags was even better.  So it was going great.  When I hit south Lebanon I was going to text my husband, but this guy rides up next to me and says hey aren't you the girl who was in holmes county with the flat tire... I started laughing.. He was one of the guys that helped me.  That was so nice.  He said boy I was worried about you and wondered if you were going to make it all the way here.  Him and his friend rode with me for about a good 15-20 minutes gave me a fist bump we each snapped pictures while riding and then he headed off.  Shortly after that, everything started closing in on me, I couldn't see straight my whole body started getting that tingly pass out feeling and it was just not good, I called my husband to let him know It was not good.  He told me to rest, but I couldn't I had already tried that and almost fainted... it was terrible and it was like no one was around and I thought this is it, I have pushed myself to hard and been through way to many extremes out here and this is how I am going to die, in the middle of a trail?  I mean it was bad.  I managed to make it to a town and I sat, and threw water on myself, my body started shaking, I then though maybe my sugar was low from riding and not really eating or drinking, but I couldn't.. my stomach was acting up and my body just didn't want that kidn of stuff.  None the least I pulled through it some how, sucked it up and prayed that I could finish this ride, for me, the school, and Ray... I really struggled, but I just slowed my pace way down.. it all worked out.  I got lost a few more times after I got off in newton, and I took the Wooster pike, bit scary when I forgot my helmet with my husband...  lol  but none the least I finished about 70 miles by 3 pm and we headed home... So not much excitement today except for the fact I finished... So glad to finally go home and not have to wake up and pedal... lol 

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