Saturday, June 29, 2013

19 days and counting

This has been a very crazy month, I was unable to blog about my last bike ride on June 2, because I ended up in the hospital on the same day getting a few staples put in my head.  Before you ask, it was not a bike accident.  I was running down the basement steps full force and banged my head off the beam.  Yeah ended up blacking out for a bit and then off to the hospital, then was in and out of the hospital the next week because my pupil did not want to undialate, it was huge, I looked like an alien. Anyways, I was banned from riding bike for nearly a month because I had a concussion. Which has not been any fun at all.  I did manage to hop on the stationary bike twice this week for 45 minutes to see how I would do and it didn't seem to bad so I am going to go forward with my goal of doing the Cleveland to Cincy trip.  However, I did run into a few problems, my original team fell apart. It's really a long and difficult story, so I am not going to get into it on here.  My husband was refusing to let me go solo, so if i didn't find a riding partner soon I was going to have to change the date and route of my bike ride for the Potential Development Program.  However, I have been blessed enough to find another rider and the trip is still as planned with the exception of how long it is going to take.  Since I have not been able to train this past month, and the trip is only 19 days away, we are just going to ride as far as we can each day!  So that's that!  Either way I am still excited and thankful!  Well keep following to here about our adventures on our trip!

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