Friday, July 19, 2013

1st day way to hot part 1

5am came way to early after going to bed after 11 then woken up at 1 am with about 30 different text from your sister sharing a newspaper article.  Lol then back to sleep tossing and turning from sirens constantly.  Lol gotta love cleveland. We left at 6am to beat true heat but instead we were lost for an hour and a half. Yep that's right between maps and the stupid GPS taking us in circles and giving wrong directions we were not happy.  Then its been nothing but issues since we got lost at rock side tthen the trail splits so many ways and it gets confusing so you constantly have to turn around.  Wish we would of ridden some of this trip first.  We have only stopped a few times and that was to buy ice glory our water back packs its just blustering outside.  We have had trail detours as well which led us up this crazy steep slope.  I thought last year was crazy this day has got it heart by far.  Just yo hard with all our stuff on gravel with this heat.  And mind you its very fine gravel not big chunckks of rock and it just slows you down... not to mention climbb climb climb...blah.  well taking a break for lunch we have almost been fifty miles and 10 of those have been out of our way.  But here to hoping the next thirty are better.  I will try and write more later.

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  1. hang in there! it's for such a good cause!