Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day 3 loss of words

I had a wonderful.sleep at the Harmony Hill bed and Breakfast. It was so pleasant and highly recommended a nice healthy breakfastt....mmmm I had peanut butter on 12 grain bread and a huge bowl of freshly cut up fruit and some coffee.  Today was a late start but we only had 36 to do so it wasn't to bad.  Didn't have.much to say to Jason its just one of those days where I'm tired annoyed by simple things and just want peace and quiet.. me.time!   The ride had some inclines not as bad as yesterday though. So that I am greatful for because I need a break. Got into westerville aat about 2 Kish weeny straight to McDonald's and got food. A grilled chicken ceasar salad hold the meat and a double cheeseburger and Carmel frappe.  Mmm food was great I needed it almost passed out from not eating.   Now of course I my herd is acting up but when you are to the point if fainting u pick the first place you see.  Well I am not sure at this point how much task we are going to accomplish being the amount of miles we are doing each day. But I am going to try very very hard... going to have to penalize myself if I faiil.  Well all in all today was ok except for the fact I am sore tired and just want to be by myself...sometimes you just need personal space and peace and quiet. To regroup your train of thought. Got that and I feel so much better.. well I will try to blog more tomorrow.  

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  1. country road not as safe but they are there and most don't move or they and connected.. keep the faith the hard work will pay off..