Friday, July 12, 2013

7/12/2013 Am I a biker or secret investigator?

I had a terrible night sleeping.  I think it is from all the stress of the bike trip and trying to make sure everything is organized and well planned being we only have a week till take off.  None the least I surely did not feel like going on a bike ride this morning with my riding partner.  My legs were achy and tight from yesterdays 40 miles, but I am one of those people when I say I am going to do something I do it!   So I crawled out of bed my eyes all swollen and puffy and started getting ready. 

It was a slow start, Jason got to my house shortly after 9:30 and I made him wait a few minutes today as I was talking to Jim about what days needed filled for our hotel spots!  Then ventured out.  I already told Jason that todays' ride was not going to be 40 miles I am to wiped out and just drained mentally and physically.  So my goal today was between 10 and 20 miles tops, because I had a busy day ahead of me.

We stopped down to see Ray for a minute and check on him then headed on the bike trails in Warren, of course as soon as I get on the trail a bunny darts out in front of me.  Third one this week! Then when we get to 169 I see smoke thinking a building is burning and it was just a barbeque.. lol   So we ride the trail to the end of Burton then we turn around and head towards North Road.  I wasn't to talkative this morning and my pace was extremely slow.  I felt bad, but my legs just couldn't push today.    Once we get near the end of the trail near North Road, I spot a wild turkey, he just sat there and I had Jason hold up so I could snap a picture but my brakes squealed when I hit them and the turkey ran off.  i was so mad.. It would of been a great picture.

After that we headed off to my mom's house to see if she could donate, she told me to come back on Monday but reached in her purse and gave me the change she had on her which was bearly $2.00 but hey every little bit helps.

After mom's we started riding back to the trail and I missed the trail because I was to busy stuffing my face with a granola bar so we had to turn around.  Then after we ride the trail for a bit, I decided to get off the trail and ride down North Park and cut over to Mahoning avenue to  go and see what Packard Park looked like after all the rain.. OH MY is all I have to say, that was a hot mess with fish actually up in the baseball fields and on the drive swimming. 

After that we ventured down the street and ran up to a homeless man and I sat and chatted with him for a little bit.  Shortly after that Jason told me that I should live i Georgia because I am so polite and say hello to everyone I see.  Well my theory is on that, that you should say hello, or good morning.  Sometimes people don't have anyone and sometimes people taking the time to ackowledge other people means the world.  No one knows what the impact of hello or Good morning can have on anyone.  It's just me.  THis world could be so much of a better place if we all treated each other with some respect.  (ok enough of my rant)

Once again downtown today a car decided to pull out even though they clearly see I am crossing the walk.  I don't get it. 

We rode a little more, and then headed back to my house.  Jason filled up his bottles and was going to go back out and venture.

I spent the rest of the day doing some fundraising, picking up my kiddo and shaving my father in law.  It was really a good day.  Everything was falling into place, hotels, secured.  Donations coming in, then the UPS guy comes delivers the bike rack for Jason and as I just get done putting part of it together I get a call from Jason.. Someone just stole his bike..  I get my husband and we take two separate cars andwe are searching all over Warren.  I just felt so bad, everything finally coming together and then yet another hiccup falls upon us.  After about 30 minutes, i felt the need to go up the hill and there at the top of the hill, sits two kids smoking a cig and one of them was on Jason's bike.  So I called my husband for back up.  Here Jason was with him. So we are chasing this kid on a bike going down 422 and the kid hops off the bike and goes back up towards dunkin donuts, we are in the middle of 422 i am in the car with  Ray and the kids, jim jumps out of his car snatches the bike and puts it on the bike rack, jason is running to catch up with the kid, and jim is back in his car chasing jason and the kid.  The kid finally stops and we call the cops and then that was the end.  I told Jason that we are even now.. lol he saved my life, and I saved his bike.. he claims we are not even,because a life is more valuable. But I just still laugh because it's funny how when people help you out at one point or time the favor is always repaid.. So yeah I got to play secret investigator today and retrieved stolen goods.. God is good though he is really helping us out and I can't thank him enough for helping us through.

Well as I said before never seem to have a dull moment in our daily bike adventures.  Sure hope our bike trip isn't this crazy.. lol

Well 15 miles accomplished today
and a stolen bike was retrieved..
Bike tour is going good. 

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