Tuesday, July 9, 2013

7/9/2013 Accidents waiting to happen

Today I was pleasantly surprised that I got to go out on my bike instead of the good ole stationary bike thanks to Jim coming home early!  I took my time getting ready because I was hoping to once again meet up with my biking partner, but again that epically failed.  I did my usual routine, I headed down towards Ray's house to see if he was sitting outside, but he wasn't so I didn't stop.  I told him every time I ride, that I would stop down there to see him.  From there I headed up some side streets and headed towards Niles, I figured now was a good as time as any to see If i had it in me yet to hit 40 miles.  It was hot, but behind me it looked like rain was going to approach.  I wasn't worried because I brought my poncho, however the thought of a thunderstorm lingered in the back of my mind.  Anyone that knows me, knows I am a big baby when it comes to those, and I surely do not want to get caught in something like that on my bike!

My ride went well, although an hour into it, i had to reach for my granola bar, because once again I was famished, I had only managed a cheese and mustard sandwich and it was going on 2.  ( I seriously need to learn to eat)  But thankful that I was smart enough to put a granola bar in my back pack.  So I munched on that while I was riding, hoping that I wouldn't choke while riding.  My mouth was so dry, and I had already managed to drink 20oz of water and my other water bottle was already warm.  (So disappointing when that happens, and it's more sad that the bottles are insulated and can't keep things cold enough) I didn't see a whole lot of riders or walkers until I started getting close to Austintown.  That is really a fitness city I tell you!   There are always people on the trail and they are so friendly!

Anyways once I got to Kirk Road I stopped to refill one of my bottles and use the restroom, and while I was there I decided to light up a cig and take a few puffs.  (yes I know I am still smoking, however my goal is not to take any cigs on the trip and quit totally while I am out there) anyways this elderly man rides up as he see me shorting out my cig and proceeds to tell me, you smoke and exercise?  What sense does that make? He shakes his head as I tell him that I am working on quitting, that I know it's a bad habit.  Well why he is in the restroom, I am using the water fountain to douse my arms and neck with water to try and keep my body temperature down.  he comes out and yet again makes another comment about my smoking habit.  I mean I get that it's a bad habit and a lot of people don't like it, including myself, but seriously I think I got the hint the first time.  Then he says why don't you just grab a beer instead of smoking I mean really.  I just chuckled and hurry up and got on my bike because I couldn't take another minute of that.  I mean logically yeah it's probably a lot healthier to drink a beer then smoke, but if I were to drink and hop on my bike or stop and have a beer and then get on my bike, is it really that much safer for me?  I don't drink so I would be a hot mess trying to ride a bike and probably end up hurting myself and someone else.  I don't know, people mean well I know, but it's just the way they go about it.

anyways, the sun seem to be scorching me, I was pouring sweat and drinking every few minutes.  It reminded me of the days Ashley and I rode last year!  It was just soooo HOT and HUMID!  Everything went fine, I made it all the way to the end of the trail at Western Reserve Road.  I called home to let Jim know that I was turning around.( The usual routine, I always call when I am to my half way point to say Hey I am alive and this is where I am at)  So on my way back I was cruising averaging about 14-16mph on the way back, always seems easier because instead of going up and incline you get to go down!  about 4 miles into my ride I spotted a sunoco gas station, and I had no choice but to stop and get some more Ice cold fluids and a protein bar because I was running on fumes and my thirst just couldn't get quenched!  So after a few minutes there it was back on the trail. 

I got into my ride a few more miles and almost had an accident with a baby bunny!  Those things are everywhere out there today!  My ride was smooth sailing until I got back to Niles,. I was riding on part of the trail, probably about a mile and half before the trail ends and there are some people and kids on the trail just standing there, having a social hour, or something.  They clearly see that I am coming as they are staring right at me and do you know they would not even move over?  i mean why do people act like they own things and that people should have to cater to them as not to interupt there conversation.  I just though how rude!  Make me get off the trail and ride in the grass because you are to lazy to move to one side?  Sorry but trail rules are you move over!  Sorry I was just a little mad at how ignorant some people can be.

 Anyways, as I head into Niles on North rd, I always  ride on the sidewalks because to me it's safer then the road with no Helmet.  Well I was cruising at about 13-14 miles and hour and I hit a bump on the sidewalk tried to swerve and almost hit the fire hydrant!  yep that would of led to some staples in my head, or worse.  My heart about sunk to my stomach.  If I wouldn't have got control in that split second.

Then comes the good ole hill climbing home. That hill is so ridiculous, my heart beating what felt like 200bpm and the sun beating down on me, I so wanted to just get off my bike and walk up, but I refused to and kept telling myself that I need to do this because I will encounter hills next week.  I have to be strong.  But boy sometimes you just want to give up.  I love riding, always pushing myself some how and some way and it's never dull! 

Well I have to get going for now, 9 days until I head to cleveland to get ready to depart for my crazy adventure!  Please take the time and spread my fundraiser.  It means a lot to me, to be able to give back.  If you can donate that even better!  Thanks so much! 


Pictures from today!

 No one but me!
 I was trying to get a pic of myself smiling, while I was riding, since everyone says I don't and see what happens? I miss most of my face... lol but at least I caught part of it! 
 lots of farm land
 end of trail
 that is my awesome cow horn! 

 bridge in Niles
Tried to get picture of water while I was riding but didn't turn out to well.  Dangerous to ride and take pictures while moving... Not recommended!

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