Thursday, July 11, 2013

7/11/2013 Life Saver

So excited that it quit raining and I got to get in another ride in today! My venture started off as usual, I left my house about 20 after ten and figured I would once again attempt to meet up with my riding partner, hoping that something didn't come up again to where he couldn't make it.  I gave him a quick text to let him know that I would be there in about 20 minutes.  I told him to meet me at the end of his street so that we could get on the road. My ride there was rough, my legs already started cramping up right off the bat, probably because I just had done 40 the day before and they weren't ready for this kind of mileage. None the least I pushed through wondering how many miles I was going to be able to accomplish today.   Anyways I finally get to the end of his street, and Istart shaking my head as once again my riding partner is not there.  I instantly became furious wondering what the heck came up this time.  I pulled out my phone getting ready to call him and there sat a text telling me just to ride to his house.  So I went down the street and had to sit and wait on him for about 15 minutes as he was fine tuning his bike for the ride today.
Finally we get on the road, I was excited to finally be riding with someone, yet nervous because I wasn't sure how he road.  So we decided to take the trail out to Canfield.  Figured what's another 40 miles?  Well I was sure hoping I could make it that was for sure.  These legs are sore!  We only made it to the Niles Bridge and I was already stopping to take a picture as I was fascinated with the fact that part of the rail road tracks were under water.  Never seen that before, and was wondering how would a train know if that area is flooded and what would happen if it came through there.  ( I know I am a weirdo)
The ride went really smooth we pace very well with each other, so that really helps ease my mind about this whole trip.  We talked about our different plans and how and when we were going to work on accomplishing our tasks and before you knew it we were in Canfield.
We did stop at the Sunoco to get some fresh cold drinks and rest for a bit and then headed back home.  The ride home was a little bit slower, I was just tired, not physically, not mentally, my legs just didn't want to keep the pace I was going so of course I have to listen to them. Right?  We seen a beaver, some chipmunks, squirrels, oh and the bunny who wanted to take me out again.   Everything was pretty good though.
Once we got into down town Niles, that was a little bit more rough.   I was sitting at a stop light with Jason,  who was behind me, and the light turned green, so I proceeded to go and as I was going a black truck was turning  right into me and Jason Yelled the guy stopped and I slammed my brakes!  NO kidding, I was 1 inch away from being a sandwich to the tires on that truck.  Phew..  Now I know I have a good bike partner!  Thanks to him I am alive and Well.  That was a close one though.  Seriously people need to pay attention at all times when driving!
Other then that the ride was good, it was pretty rough for the last five miles for us both, but it was a good day and I definately feel more at ease.  Now if I could feel that way about traveling 70-80 miles a day that would be better.  But I am no pro and those my friends are some serious miles to be doing 5 days in a row.  Well 1 more week and the journey will begin.  Until then I guess you guys will just get stuck with my training stories!
Today's ride 3 hour 20 minutes 22 sec
Mileage 39.43
Tracks in Niles
Um cows, bulls or Steers?

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