Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 5 7/20/2012 Say what?

Day 5

I didn't sleep well last night with the muscle cramps, but awoke at 6:15am, Ashley was going to be here in 45 minutes and I wanted to get a quick hot shower to see if that would calm down the aches and pains I had, my knees were spent, and the pain was getting pretty bad. As I was taking a shower I was thinking there is no way we are going to get 134 miles done today.  I am in no shape to, I didn't know how Ashley felt, but I know there was no way I could. 

Ashley got there at about a quarter after 7 she brought me a banana, i was so thankful, my body definately needed the potassium. we still had to load up, we switched up loads today because one load is about 10-15 lbs heavier then the other load and then jim called and he wanted us to make it to 110 marker and he said he would meet us and get us a room.  Wow he wants us to knock out 100 miles, say what? Is he crazy?  We are in to much pain, Ashley said we will get as far as we can dad. 

We headed out at about 7:45 which was already later then we planned once again.  We had to finish climbing this gigantic mountain, which was still 10 miles more before we reached the highest peak.  Our guess was it was going to take us a good deal.  Which of course it was.  It took us almost 4 hours to do.  We were both in pain and the incline was never ending.

Then it started to rain, we had to get the ponchos out and cover up one of the bags.  We got to a little town and grabbed some lunch and of course charged our phones. We had turkey sandwiches and a cup of hot home made tomato soup with basil and boy was it good especially since we were sop and wet from the rain... after that we climbed the hill and called Jim and told him at best we could make it to Connellsville today. 

We reached the Continental divide and it was supposed to be all down hill from there, ha! Yeah right who ever made that map, must of been taken drugs because we would still have hills to climb. I just feel this whole trip was nothing but uphill. There was just no break for us! 

We ran into rain twice today,  it was pouring rain, we were in excruciating pain, and every mile felt like 20 miles.   We crossed alot of bridges, and bonded alot this day.  We helped get each other through each mile. we completed 77 miles today.  When we got to Connellsville we both had to laugh at how we thought we would make it all the way home today.  Jim met us in downtown, and we were excited because he was supposed to have a room for us.. Yeah well that bad news is he said it's 20 miles from here.  My poor poor husband heard about that the whole 20 miles away I was furious.  You know being used to biking you think 20 miles? that's two hours away if we have good time, 3 hours if it's bad.  lol yeah biking starts making you crazy.. literally.

We were covered in mud, the bags covered in mud, and the look on my husbands face was priceless, he didn't even want to touch the stuff. lol and we were like really? we have been dealing with this stuff all week.. lol oh my that's how you know you are spoiled by reality.  We got to the hotel and got ourselves cleaned up and the bags... I didn't get to bed until after midnight, ash was asleep probably by 10:30.  Another short night... blah.

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