Tuesday, July 10, 2012

7/10/2012 Just one for the books

For those of you who follow me on my blog or on Facebook, you know that I am down to the final 6 days before we do our adventure.  I have been extremely nervous about this trip for a number of reasons and my husbands health has got me in a bit of a tizzy at the moment, not to mention I have been following the weather for next weeks trip and it appears it is going to be pretty hot like 97, 98 and with heat indexes I am sure it's going to be ridiculous.  So today I ventured to Gander mountain to get cooling towels for our necks.  Picked up some pepper spray, just incase we encounter anything freakish.  ( hey you never know) Figure between that and what I learned from Karate we should be ok.  Pretty much just trying to get things finalized.

On that note, today I receive a text from someone, mind you I have no clue who this person is and it says: "and the trouble begins..." I instantly start freaking out, like oh my gosh do we have a stalker? What in the world? I text back, who is this? What trouble? and no response, so I try calling the number to see if I know the voice. I call and no one answers and there is no voice on the message.  I really start freaking out. With all the bad things that have been going on, really? Now i have to worry about this. So I call my husband at work, I am freaked, of course he can't talk... as I hang up the phone I get a text message from this person again that says, sorry if i freaked you out, I am carries brother in law and was just responding to the video she sent..Yeah way to go sister send out a mass text to a group and when they respond I get the message.. nice... yeah guess I am a little more nervous about this bike trip then i thought i was.. lol. thought it was a good laugh now that I am calmed down a bit.   I tell ya.. can you blame me though? 2 girls alone on a bike path... yeah I think I have a right to be a little... never know these days.

on that note, sorry I haven't been posting, I have been riding indoors since my husbands incident and not as much I should be riding, but something is better then nothing. 

I will do my best to keep the blog updated about our journey. 


  1. You need to stop worring about what could go wrong and remember that you have fought all your life for what you have right now, and if something bad was to happen kick it ass and ride girl ride. ( Have a great time and good luck on you mission)..:)

  2. Thanks, your absolutely right. Guess sometimes I just expect it that way when it does happen I am not as upset. Need to change the pessimist in me! However I am excited and do hope to have a lot of fun.