Sunday, July 15, 2012

7/14/2012 Test ride

Well Ashley came into town today, we decided after her bike tune up that we were going to ride 10 miles with all the weight on our bikes to see what we were in for. So we ventured out, it seemed to be a real struggle for Ashley, and I told her that's why I told you to ride with weight on your bike.  We stopped about a mile into it, she was like I think something is wrong with my bike.  We couldn't figure it out and continued our journey.  At about 3 miles we checked again and it looked like her brakes were rubbing against the tire, like she was riding with brakes on.. We turned around at the bridge and we were going to fix her brakes, but with all the luggage there was no way so we headed back towards home, the sound on her bike was pretty bad, so I called my husband to ask him to come get us so we could get the bike fixed. When we arrived at the Niles trailhead I noticed her tire was right against the frame.  We thought maybe the tire was bad or the wrong one because she just put new tires on. Here when the new tires were put on he forgot to tighten the back lug nut so her tire  was all over the place. So Jim fixed it and we continued our journey home and of course she was no longer struggling. THank goodness that tire didn't come off when we were riding.  Riding with the 50lbs wasn't to bad, only up hill, but I do I think we are in for some crazy times..

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