Thursday, May 16, 2013

2013 - This years Cleveland to Cincinnatti, Oh Challenge - Riding for Autism

This year we will be biking from Cleveland to Cincinnati, OH in effort to raise money for the Potential Development Program in Youngstown, Ohio.  It's approximately 320 miles and we are hoping to do it 4 days.That means 80 miles a day! We will start our journey Friday July 19th, 2013.

This year not only will be riding our bikes, but also for every goal we hit in our fundraising efforts for the Potential Development Program we will complete one of the task listed below. Most of the tasks will be completed on our bike trip!

1) The first $100 we hit, we will volunteer in our community for 1 hour.  This may include going to our local park and picking up trash, assisting someone, volunteering at a local agency. Etc.
2) $200 Wear a t-shirt for a day on the trip and see how many names we can collect on our shirt
3) $300 we will ride into town find a complete stranger and let them throw a pie in our face.
4) $400 Wear our clothes inside out and backwards for a day
5) $500 the person who puts us at this mark will receive a $50 dollar gift card from
6) $600 Wear underwear on our head for one mile of our trip
7) $700 Interview a stranger while wearing a red nose
8) $800 Kiss a frog
9) $900 Find a stranger and convince them to let one of us try on their shirt.
10) Once we reach $1000 dollars we will die our hair blue!
11) Any amount raised over a thousand dollars, we will do random acts of kindness on our bike trip. We will not disclose what we will do until we do it!

Jon also decided that in addition to participating in our encouragement rewards, if people donate $250 on his behalf that he will ride at least one entire day wearing fairy wings (unless they break). If you donate $500 on his behalf he will obtain a riding outfit of a color most voted on based on a subsequent Facebook post and wear it for at least half of the entire ride.

We will be post videos and pictures of each task we do as we reach our fundraising goals! The tasks above will be completed by atleast one member of our biking crew!
Everyone who donates will recieve a postcard from us on our trip!  So please be sure to include your name and address so that we can make sure that you receive your postcard!  Thank you so much for your generosity!
We have included some information about the Potential Development program below!
The Potential Development program provides education to children with Autism or challenging behaviors.
Their mission is to provide children with autism and special needs a safe, structured and educational environment with caring, supportive services that give their students the necessary skills and independence to lead a productive life.
Company Overview
The Potential Development Program serves preschool and school-aged children with developmental delays, challenging behaviors and Autism Spectrum Disorder at three locations in Mahoning and Trumbull Counties.
At the Potential Development Program, children are provided the opportunity to learn in a structured environment with individualized educational plans. The extended school year begins in September, running through the end of July and offers onsite access to speech, physical and occupational therapy services.

We believe in developmentally appropriate educational, social and self-help skills that lead to a childs' overall development as well as forming a strong partnership between our parents, caregivers and staff. Our staff is specially trained in the Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication-handicapped Children (TEACCH) and offers a low staff - children ratio in the classrooms.

The agency has a dedicated team of long-term employees and Board members and is recognized as the local leader in helping children and families with Autism and other developmental delays.
General Information
Our Locations:

School of Autism
880 E. Indianola Ave.
Youngstown, Ohio 44502

Potential Development Preschool
209 W. Woodland Ave.
Youngstown, Ohio 44502

PD's Place
885 Howland-Wilson Rd.
Howland, Ohio 44484

Please take the time and go to our website and donate or share our link for this great cause!

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